“Evil prevails when good people do nothing.”
Can one person change the world?
Maybe not…
But one person can surely change the world for another person. And the best people to do that are the teachers.
Erin Gruwell was one teacher who helped change the entire course of her student’s lives.
Education can be quite a powerful tool. It is only through education, that can truly equalize people. With education, one can overcome the barriers that have been placed and can come out of stereotypes.
Although, it is not necessary that those who are educated would be bound to have an open mind, but the probability of that happening is quite high.
Erin Gruwell teaches through empathy. She creates a sense of oneness with the characters of various books. She includes the books where her students are able to relate to the characters. She includes the students instead of just droning on and on about what she thinks the book is about. That I believe would be an excellent way to teach, who amongst us has not slept with open eyes in trully dull lectures?
The best part of the book for me was when Meip Gies from “The Diary of Anne Frank” comes to talk to the students. She is such an inspiration and a real life hero! I welled up just reading about it all.
I just loved how the student’s personal stories came out and integrated seamlessly with the novels.
Of all the books mentioned in this book, I have only read “The Diary of Anne Frank”, and now thanks to this book, the list of book that I absolutely need to read has grown. I NEED to read the stories the students were so passionate about. I NEED TO KNOW.
And you know you have just read a great book, when you feel like you need to read more.
Pick it up when you need some hope in your life.

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