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Power of Language in Literature

“Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of Number four Private Drive where proud to say that they are perfectly normal, thank you very much!”

This one line is enough to grab the attention, it brings to focus the amazingness of J K Rowling’s writing. There are some books that are interesting to read, just because of the way they are written. Since we have already mentioned J. K . Rowling, lets take an example of her work itself. The Causal Vacancy is one big book about a small town. If we look at the core of the story, it really is not really much of a story, but it is the way JKR has written it, her wit, her realistic and humorous sentences, that made it worth a read. But, if someone where to translate it, would the translator manage to capture the essence of her writing. If the translator misses this, the book would automatically loose its charm. Language is a very powerful medium, and each and every language has its own separate essence. While translating works from literature, the job of the translator is to not just change the wordings, but to maintain the core essence of the original. Although not impossible, this job is exceptionally hard. Anybody who knows two languages can change the language, the reason for hiring a professional translator is to maintain the essence. While there is a cost of the literature piece loosing its crux, it is important for it to be translated into multiple languages as well. Since, there are number of languages, and in order to reach the maximum number of people, one would need one’s work to be in maximum number of languages in order to make it more accessible.

Fortunately, there are number of firms that provide intelligent translating services. Nowadays, with cloud computing, there are firms like Smartling that offer such services for authors or literary agents so that the works can be translated in the best possible way.


2 thoughts on “Power of Language in Literature”

  1. I actually find that line to be pretty awful. Why does she tell us where they live so early? The address is just a name floating in air. It could be anything. I’m not sure what the “thank you very much” is doing there. This is third-person narration. It’s supposed to be detatched.

    I do agree with you that how you tell the story means a lot. Even the medium means a lot. Action films wouldn’t work has books. Films are a visual medium and action films take advantage of the visuals. Some books work great on paper but couldn’t translate well to film. Imagine the ramblings of Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye. Yeah, I’d rather not.


  2. An example as simple as English movies or serials dubbed in Hindi…awesome lines lose their meaning and charm completely. Hope these professionals pay heed to keeping the cultures and expressions in mind too.


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