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Sea Glass: Book Review

Author: Anita Shreve

Sea Glass: A Novel

Book Blurb:

In the textile-manufacturing region of New Hampshire in 1929, newlyweds Honora and Sexton Beecher wrestle with all the wonders and challenges that young couples have always faced. They’ve just purchased a house near the ocean that needs a lot of work, but the couple is dedicated to making it a home. When the economy fails and a single unscrupulous act perpetrated by Sexton is revealed, more than love will be required to keep the marriage from collapsing under the weight of this betrayal. Sexton — formerly a traveling salesman — is forced to take a job at the local mill alongside other men, women, and children whose very survival is being threatened by the harsh burden of their daily toil. Repeated pay cuts and inhumane conditions propel the workers closer to a potentially violent clash with management and union breakers. Alliances are formed, honor is challenged, and character flaws become fatal as the tinderbox explodes, leaving old bonds broken and new ones bolstered.


Let me start this review by admitting that I have Absolutely NO self control when it comes to books. I still remember the day I got this book. It was early morning when I proudly told mom: NO MORE BUYING least till I read some part of the ever-so-high pile of to be read books.

And then, satisfied with myself, I opened the newspaper to see an ad that proclaimed “BOOKS RS 10/-“. Long story short, I got 20 books:/

Coming to the review, I got this is a book that one can carry with oneself on a beach vacation.

It is a light, breezy novel, and after the book was completed, I kind of missed the characters.

Although this is supposed to be a light book, it was quite interesting to read about the union strikes and its effect on people’s lives.It was quite a contrasting background to the story which gave it a wonderful depth.

I quite enjoyed the writing style, it would be an ideal book to read after one has finished a heavy work. But then again, there was nothing too great or thought provoking. Pick up this book when you want to pass the time pleasantly without too much exertion to the mind.