So Scooby, who is also known as the most wonderful dog in the world in the world..and who has currently placed his head on my lap and is “singing” along with Brian Adams, turns THREE!!

When I look back to the person that I was three years back, and who I am now..there is a HUGE difference…so here’s what three years of living with a dog has taught me:


I have become a much more responsible person. Now, I think of how my actions or my decisions will effect another soul. Earlier, since I had no one who depended solely on me, I was quite selfish in my decisions. And by way of thinking about my actions in terms of how it would affect Scooby, I have started thinking of my actions..and how it would affect the people I care about..And that has made all the difference!


My very core idea of the word love has changed. I know now that love is never taking the other person for granted. Making them feel happy, when they are down. Making time for them in your busy schedule. Love is not costly gifts and show off. Love is being there. That’s all.


In these three years, I have never had an “extremely bad day”. How can I? When I felt like crying, all my tears were liked and a ball was offered…When I came home exhausted from work…I was welcomed with a joyful bark and the highest jumps and the mad dance..just because I came home! How could I not appreciate all that I have, when this guy here danced like there is no tomorrow simply because he saw me come home!


My things do not really matter much to me know…not as much as before. Scooby is a Lab, after all. Anyone knows that new things and lab pups.. don’t really match 😉

Now he does not really tear or crash around,,but then, as all labs, he is clumsy…a big clumsy clown…and plus..what’s that one flower vase compared to the shine in his eyes?


The only time I would have ran was on the time of apocalypse. Waking me early, meant world war three.

But now, he’s made me not only run…but actually enjoy running, playing, walking and exercising!

So, here’s to all the Dogs in the world! May we all know them, and may we bring as much happiness to their lives, as they bring to ours!