Recently while researching on education, I came upon a quote from Albert Einstein which said:

At first I was appaled! Reading too much is not good? Such humbug..

But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me. Einstein is not necessarily against people reading too many books, but he is against people reading books and not forming their own opinion on these books.

I have come across many people, who by their own admission are “voracious readers”. These are the people who read books like we were asked to read textbooks. They would memorise the quotes and then repeat them verbatim, every instance they get.

The problem with reading like this is that while to some you might seem smart, but since you do not have your own opinion on the said subject, you might just have goggled “quotations on xyz” and had the same impact. What is the use of reading a book if you do not have your own thoughts about the said subject?

The next words in the above quotation that struck me was the use of “lazy habit of thinking”. Thinking is good, right? Then how is it lazy?

Well, there are people who think and think and then think some more. There is no action that backs it up. Unless you are a consultant, this would be quite a lazy thing to do indeed.

If you want to write a book, it is all too well to think about the kind of book you want to write, the scope of story that you want to tell, the characters that would appear in your story, but, if you do not stop thinking and sit down to write it, what is the use of all that thinking?

So, in order to read book, you need to think about it, and then inculcate that thought into your daily life, then there is some use of all that reading, else you might want to glance at the quotation page of Goodreads, it might save a ton of time.