Either you’ve read them, or you’ve not…one thing is for sure..you HAVE heard about them.

The Harry Potter books are unquestioningly one of the most popular series of our times. But why is it that these books are so popular? Is it because we have become a civilization of over imaginative people?  Is it because of the hype that surrounds these books?

But then, how can “hype” convince people, both young and old, to pick up and finish a seven hundred and sixty six page book? Agreed, they might have picked it up based on the hype surrounding the book, but it would be stretching the common sense a bit too much if we believed that they finish and go for the next book because of the hype.

If we look at the marketing principles that are followed by various movie marketing strategists, one of the major principle that plays a major role in the success of a “blockbuster”  is to ensure that the movie surpasses various category boundaries. The logic behind this is that the more categories the movie touches, the more appeal it would have. Which automatically means more business. So, when we start to figure out why Harry Potter books have such a universal appeal, we could start with this strategy.

If we look at the definition of the term Mass Appeal is:

Something For Majority

Now, since it’s appeal is multi faceted, it is obvious that it needs to be analysed from this perspective.

Also, no matter what we talk about, there would always be someone sitting in some corner of the world who does not like it.

So, Harry Potter too has it’s own share of criticism.  But, like many mega popular products or services, Harry Potter has managed to win hearts of the majority of people. This has been achieved basically by having the content that caters to a substantially larger number of interests and age groups.

You may read it has a story of a young boy who goes to a wizarding school to learn magic, or you may read it as a coming of age story of a boy struggling to grow up in a complex world, or you might read it to understand the ways via which power influences the people, or to understand the complexities of human mind and emotions.

You might like action or adventure or fantasy or comedy or even psychology or history…you would find yourself drawn to this complex beautiful world.

So, while creating marketing campaign, if you are aiming for mass appeal, you need to ensure that your product or service is aligned with the needs and the interests of the majority of the people as well as would be enjoyed by people of multiple age groups.