A Collection of 60 Annoying Guys We All Know and Wish We Didn’t

Author: Colin Nissan, Sean Farrell

Don't Be That Guy: A Collection of 60 Annoying Guys We All Know and Wish We Didn't

Book Blurb:

Have you ever heard a guy say, “We’re pregnant,” and wanted to hurt him?
Do you have a friend who insists a stripper was into him every time you leave a strip club?
Do you know a guy who emails you the kind of porn that makes you want to cry then vomit?
These are just a few of the many guys you’ll find in Don’t Be That Guy.


This book is another version of “The Bro Code”  (Click here for book review), but it lacks the humour of the code.

This is a book for males, by males, so it would not really be appreciated by females. Still there were times that the book had homophobic tones to it.

Some of the “Don’t be that guy” offences were funny, but some were ridiculous. Like a guy who supports his wife in pregnancy or who accompanies her to gym are not real “that guy” offences, according to me.

Since there are just a few words on each page, this is a quick and a fast read. Also, the cover and the title is interesting, I picked this book up solely based on the title.

If you like guy humour, pick up bro code, definitely better than this.