30 Day Book Challenge: Day Nine: A Book You Thought You Would Not Like, But Ended Up loving

For this I would go for Louis De Bernieres’s Birds Without Wings (Click here for book review)

Birds Without Wings (novel)

I picked up this book because it was cheap. Very frankly. I got it for ten rupees, and since I had not heard about it before, I thought this is a good risk to take.

But, when I started reading, it was actually surprised at the high quality of the book. The story is so beautifully narrated, each part of the story resonates with other. Truly one of the best reads. I was glad that in this year’s exhibition I got another one of the Author’s book, again for ten rupees (:D), called Captain Cornelli’s Mandolin, I am looking forward to picking it up soon!

Also, on a totally unrelated topic, I got a new job..I used to work with this firm before, and had a blast working there. Now, I will be working there from Monday! So, now since I have fixed working hours (and extra cash 😉 ) I will be able to do a lot more reading!!!



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