Ok,,I guess I would have to make a rule for myself for this challenge, and that is to only mention the books that are NOT Harry Potter. Because if I start including Harry Potter, than it could lead to me blogging about Mr. Potter everyday instead of books in general. (Which might not be a bad idea, maybe will take up the Harry Potter challenge after this)

So, A book that I have read more than 3 times would be: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

I actually own multiple copies of this book as well.

The first copy was gifted by dad long back. It is an abridged, illustrated books for kids version. The second copy was bought as the book was a part of syllabus in my school. This book was what we had to study in Sixth Standard. Again, the required edition changed when brother studied it, and the book that he got is also lying around the house.

I especially loved two parts of the book: the fence white wash scene as well as the cave scenes.

I think that when we read it in school, it was during the time when people were starting to develop crushes, and our teacher would ask the people who were supposedly “interested” in each other, or just were encouraged or teased by other students to become “interested”, to read the Tom and Becky parts out loud. So it was kind of fun to not only learn the story but also see the reactions on the faces of the readers.:D