The Ambiguity That Is Me

Who am I?

Too often people insist on putting me in boxes,
Marked with characteristics of their making.
Am I an introvert or an extrovert?
Am I this or that?
But, what if I am both,
What if I fit quite comfortably
in more than two boxes?
Am I the only one
with this ambiguous soul?
Does everyone else fit
in these clear cut boxes?
If you like Quiet,
Can you not like talking way too much?
If you like old songs,
Can you not like rock or country?
If you like adventure and action,
Can you not like romance?
And if I do like them both,
Why am I labelled pretentious?
Is it only me whose choices
depends upon my mood of the day,
or the people who surround me?
Am I the only one who can enjoy things
from the opposite ends of the spectrum?
But if it is our choices that define us,
And I have too many choices,
Then who am I?


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