In the year 2013, I read 25 books. So, my goodreads goal at the starting of the year was to read 35 books. Which increased to 50 books in mid June…In the year 2014, I was able to complete 75 books! Compared to last year, it was quite a jump…especially since this year my workload almost tripled. So with triple the work, I was able to complete these many books.

I realized a few tips to increase my reading, which I will be sharing with you. If you wish to read more…read on!

Step one: Set Realistic Goals and Take Them Seriously

Just because your friend read fifty books, does not mean you can too. Each person has their own reading speeds. Take a look at the number of books you would have read last year, and increase the number by five. If you have not read any books last year, it does not make sense to challenge yourself to read fifty books this year. Instead start with five. And make sure you complete reading those five this year.

Step two: Sign up on Goodreads

Once you have set the challenge, log in to your goodreads account and accept that on the site. The goodreads will have a 2015 reading challenge, sign up for that. It would look like this:

2014 Reading Challenge

This challenge will track your reading, and let you know how much you are lagging or ahead in your reading, in terms of books. So, you can adjust your reading accordingly.

Also, you get to be friends with a lot of readers and check what they are reading, look at the reviews, and find out the books that would interest you.

Step three: Select your genres

When I look at my personal reading habits, if I am reading a book that I am absolutely in love with, it would take me a considerably shorter time to read it, than the book that is not matching with my tastes.

Figure out what you like and do not like? What interests you? But then try to read something out of your genre too once in a while, you never know what would catch your fancy. I have made a few book lists based on different genres, you could check those out under the “looking for book recommendations?” tab above.

Step four: Subscribe to book bloggers, fb groups and booktubers

There are a lot of passionate bloggers and booktubers out there who love taking about books. Follow them, to know more about books as well as to keep yourself motivated to read.

Here are a list of bloggers, fb groups and booktubers that I love who blog about books:


Facebook groups:




Ariel Bissett



Little Book Owl




rincey reads

Check them out, follow them and get to know more books!

Step five: Set Daily Goals

The thing that helps me read so much is that I set daily goals. I make it a point to read 50 pages from the physical book and 10% of the ebook everyday. This is the minimum threshold. Before sleeping I make it a point to read that much.

Step six: Carry your books everywhere

Whenever you are going out, make sure you have at least one book with you. So, if you are stuck waiting, or are just plain bored, you will be able to catch up on your reading.

Step seven: Get an ebook

I got my self a kindle paperwhite and that has made a hell lot of a difference. It is so light and easy to carry around! Also, it is socially accepted to be seen engrossed in a “tablet” more than a book. Plus, because of the inbuilt light, I could read into the night and on trips when it got dark. The battery lasts for hours!!! There are various versions of kindles that are available at Amazon.

You could buy one from: (For International readers)

This is the reader that I have, so I could vouch for it, you could check out different versions.

So, these were the few things that I learnt that helped me read more this year.