Author: David Levithan

The Lover's Dictionary

Book Blurb:

In his first book for adults, popular young-adult novelist David Levithan creates a beautifully crafted exploration of the insecurities, tenderness, anger, and contented comfort that make romantic relationships so compelling (or devastating). Through sparingly written, alphabetical entries that defy chronology in defining a love affair, The Lover’s Dictionary packs an emotional wallop. For “breathtaking (adj.),” the unnamed narrator explains, “Those moments when we kiss and surrender for an hour before we say a single word.” For “exacerbate (v.),” he notes, “I believe your exact words were: ‘You’re getting too emotional.'” Ranging from over a page to as short as “celibacy (n.), n/a,” the definitions-as-storyline alternate between heart-wrenching and humorous–certainly an achievement for a book structured more like Webster’s than a traditional novel. Proving that enduring characters and conflict trump word count, Levithan’s poignant vignettes and emotional candor will remind readers that sometimes in both fiction and life, less is truly more–and the personal details of love can be remarkably universal. –Jessica Schein


This book is different in so many ways.

For one, it is a love story that is told by the way of dictionary. Each word of the dictionary, would have a part of a story that is related near it.

The author takes creativity to a whole new level. Enjoy a sweet, simple love story, while increasing your vocabulary! Double benefit!

Beautifully crafted, and wonderfully scripted, this book is for people who are in love, have been in love, hope to be in love, or are in love with the very idea of love.

I first came to know of this book, watching this video.

I was interested with the concept, which is why I picked it up. It was worth it.