Author: Agatha Christie


Book Blurb:

In the sprawling, half-timbered mansion in the affluent suburb of Swinly Dean, Aristide Leonides lies dead from barbiturate poisoning. An accident? Not likely. In fact, suspicion has already fallen on his luscious widow, a cunning beauty fifty years his junior, set to inherit a sizeable fortune, and rumored to be carrying on with a strapping young tutor comfortably ensconced in the family estate. But criminologist Charles Hayward is casting his own doubts on the innocence of the entire Leonides brood. He knows them intimately. And he’s certain that in a crooked house such as Three Gables, no one’s on the level…


It would not be wrong to say that I grew up on a staple diet of Agatha Christies. My primary school library has them all, and I would devour them.

Crooked house has always been one of my absolute favorites. It does not have any of Ms. Christie’s characters like Miss. Marple, Poirot or Tommy and Tupense. The book has a host of different characters.

What I loved about the story was the sheer simplicity of the plot.The entire book you look out for the murderer, you guess it must be her, or it has to be done by him….and when the murderer is found out you get shocked, but then it all seems to fall into place and all those bits and pieces that were bothering you now seem to have the most logical explanations and you hit your head and think, “Why did I not think of that before?”

The book challenges your ideas of a murder mystery in every way.

This book is recommended for: Those who love to have a book challenge them, and those who love detective and murder mysteries.