Author: A.R. Williams

The Camellia Resistance

Book Blurb:

2044. Willow Carlyle is the youngest cultural epidemiology research director in the history of the Ministry of Health and is on the fast-track for further promotion until a night of passion shatters her carefully constructed life.

Marked and unemployed, Willow falls in with a band of dissidents. Everyone wants something. In the process of discerning friend from foe, Willow begins to unravel secrets that will shake the New Republic of America to its foundation.

My Review:

This is an adult dystopian book.

This days people are becoming more and more concerned about the health and hygiene of themselves and of those around them.

But, even this should be done in moderation. The Camellia Resistance is based in a futuristic society, where people have become so fixated on hygiene that they are ready to limit human interactions in order to stay ‘healthy’.

Like all dystopias, the book makes us realize that everything is good only in moderation, extremism even for a supposedly “good” thing would have detrimental results.

The story makes you think hard on issues that we take for granted.

The most interesting thing that I found was how a ministry official, who was one of the people responsible to enact the extreme rules of sanitation, learns the error of her ways when she herself becomes ‘contaminated’. She realizes how those who are unwell are treated as second class citizens instead of offering them proper health care, as the society feels that they must have done something that made them ‘contact the virus’.

The book is very fast paced, and a lot of characters are included at once, so it might take a while to be used to this pace and knowing each and every character.

The writing and story flow is simple, lucid and precise.


(I’d like to thank Isoke Salaam, publicist to the author, for sending a copy of this book)