A Person’s Race, Religion or Sexual Orientation had nothing to do with the quality of one’s Character”

Zak Ebrahim, the author of the book “The Terrorist’s Son”, was raised to hate others. I had blogged about this book here.

But, unlike his father, he had to work with the very people he was taught to hate, and realized that all the reasons that he was taught, were untrue. He realized he was tired of Hating. He wanted peace, and peace never comes out of hate.

Watch his Tedx Talk here:

Growing up in India, where castism is alive and thriving, I realized there was more than what met the eye.

I have met people of various castes and sub castes, and each believes that their sub caste is the best, and others are, well not as good as them.

There is so much hypocrisy that when it comes to doing business or earning money, these same people would have no problem dealing with the “others”. But when they are not benefited financially, suddenly they realize the importance of castism and what the society will say.

These people are extremely selective, and bend the rules of the society to suit themselves.

For Eg: We cannot associate with people of that caste, it’s a sin (unless the people of that caste want to give me employment or buy my products), but, since people of y caste are not that different, we can associate with them, one just cannot associate to x caste, it’s the society that says so not me!!”


Yea, tell me about it!

To them I say, either have the guts to accept your convictions in its entirety or reject them completely. Choosing the option that best suits you and bending the castism rules to suit your needs just shows weakness of character.

Long story short, is not it high time we learn to see people for who they are instead of judging them for their birth?