When I was in seventh standard, I started reading Harry Potter Series. And since I was not earning at that time, I had to save a lot of money for a lot of time, so I relied on the school and city libraries for satisfying those reading cravings. So, I never got the first two parts of Harry Potter, and by the time I started earning, the edition had changed in the stores 😦

It was over a decade that I was on a lookout for the first two Harry Potter Bloomsbury First Editions books.

Recently, I came across the website http://www.secondhandbooksindia.com while randomly searching for these two missing Harry Potter. The site had the books that I wanted, in the edition that I wanted 🙂

But I had never heard of this site before, and they ask for transferring the money to an account, before you can even make a purchase. I was a bit skeptical, but the possibility of completing my precious Harry Potter set, was more awesome than loosing a few bucks. So, I decided to take the plunge.

The web response was amazing, the books came in perfect condition. Hey the books are in better condition than my previous books. I had ordered a total of four books, and they all came togather, each book was in an excellent condition. No markings, no names of strangers, no missing/folded pages. There was nothing different, except that you could see from the pages that the book was old (and they had that wonderful old book smell).

If you are looking for old editions, or cheaper options for buying books, I definitely recommend secondhandbooksindia.com

Also, my dream of having that complete Harry Potter set is now complete!! 😀