BlogAdda had come up with a unique collaborative blogging initiative under it’s #celebrate blogging initiative. It was called the Game of Blogs.

I signed up  for it, not knowing what to expect.

The only thing I knew was that I had to write a story, and a team of esteemed jury would read them and decide the best ones among them. Among the excellent jurors, one of them was Ashwin Sanghi, and having recently completed his Private India book, I was quite in awe of him.

A week later, I received an email introducing the team members. I was in a team of nine other bloggers. We were all from different phases of life and each had different experiences, but what connected us all was our love for writing.

The Initial emails led to the creation of a watsapp group, which then led to conference calls.

We decided to name our team “Qissa”. Qissa quite literally means a tale or a story, and we were here to spin our own stories.

Photo: Updating the latest foto of Team Qissa...

(Pallavi, Anjali, Dhwani, Karthik, Rajveer, Sangita, Sindhura, Geeta and Shail weaving a Qissa for the Game of Blogs)

We initially got an email from Blogadda with the characters and basic rules. But, the story was ours to tell. Our story “Midway Through The Heart” dealt with the trials and the confusions, and the constant tug of war between the mind and the heart.

We got into the skin of characters and made their lives ours. The endless discussions of the storyline were interesting as well as entertaining.

The way one story brought ten strangers together, to work and form a bond of friendship, shows the power of words in our lives. While discussing the lives of our characters, we came together as a real team and more importantly, as friends.

Our team’s Facebook page is:

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And you can start reading our story here:

Thank you Team BlogAdda for this wonderful initiative!