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About the movie:

Picnic has been nominated for Best Original Screenplay of a Foreign Language Film, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography & Best Directing of A Foreign Language Film categories at the 2014 Madrid International Film Festival to be held in Spain from July 13th. The film has also won two awards for Best Cinematography at Madrid and Canada Film Festivals.

Adapted from Rabindranath Tagore’s famous romantic novella, Shesher Kobita, “Picnic” tells the timeless story of three people from different worlds who meet at a resort. It is the journey of two of these people who find each other, discover romance and come together to experience love beyond love.

Picnic is Shomshukla’s is her first feature following the award winning “Sandcastle.” Experienced in theatre, music and poetry, she also directs her own theatre company, Kali Theatre, and has produced six books of poetry and nine music albums. She made her debut in cinema in 2013 as one of India’s few women feature film directors.

Cut To Cut is an independent film production company creating literary, creative and meaningful aesthetic cinema with universal appeal; drawing from theatre, novels, art and poetry to fuse a unique story-telling in moving image.

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The Review:

This movie is very offbeat and different and breaks many stereotypes, like a divorced woman stating that she is happy and does not through a pity party, or a love story that gradually develops via discussions and shared interests instead of “love at first sights” or a having a very realistic cast that look like the people you might actually meet on a trip instead of the glorious makeup caked ladies and beefed up men, also, the actors play their age which is quite refreshing to see as we see a lot of movies where 40+ males are acting like college students romancing a 20 something pretty young thing.

This is no ‘masala‘ movie, you will not find people desperately trying to be funny or the hero stalking a girl before she says ‘yes’, if you do like such movies, great, but then there is a very good chance you might not like this movie.

The way the love story progressed was so real, the conversations were so heartwarming, the way these two meet and start to get to know each other by talking and debating things like culture and society made it very refreshing to view.

I did feel the story line was a bit slow in some places, but other than that, if you like realistic cinema, you should check it out when it gets released.

The movie will be released on January 16, 2015 In India.

(I thank Ginger Liu for facilitating for me to view this movie, It took me a lot of time to actually take out time to watch this movie, so sorry for the delay )