This morning I woke up to headlines screaming:

At least 50 taken into custody for organising Kochi ‘kiss of love’ protest 

Kissing is against Indian Culture. Everyone knows that children are gifts from Gods that we find on our sides because we married at the proper time to the proper person with the blessings of everyone.

So, it is obvious that  when these youngsters, with their loose morals, think that they can do what they like, are doing nothing but insulting our great culture that is just so pure and asks everyone to be pure too. All this kissing nonsense is just foreign influence, no cultured Indian should look at people of opposite gender before marriage. It is against our culture.

All these nonsense stuff is just because of women, who apply makeup and wear short clothes. Our bestest culture told us that all respectable women should be fully clothed at all times. These silly girls in jeans, one of the reasons for all this corruption of society. Our culture specifically says that women should stay at home and be serving to all around her.

These western Influence and eating Chowmen has people questioning our beliefs!!

These people should just visit religious temples and pray for their sins!

(Img: Khajuraho temple)

May the lord give these people sense to open their eyes and see the great culture for what it really is!