Author: Aman Jassal

Rainbow - the shades of love

Book Blurb:

Love = Sex? Love+Sex=? Love-Sex=??? Sex-Love=????

This is not a book to teach you about love or how to get a beautiful girl to bed, rather it reveals how bad things can get if you don’t set your priorities right. It’s a story about the most explored life aspect ‘ Love’ ‘Sex’.

YUVI, a pleasure seeking boy, falls victim to the same notorious life facet called love. Simran’s beauty sweeps him off from his feet and he leaves no stone unturned to seek her special attention.

As he falls in love, he also sleeps around with all the erroneous girls, and when his fate threatens to take his love down, he promises himself to stop all of this and come out of the wreckage But then, his past deeds come back to his present, and that tears his life apart. What follows is an uneasy course of getting his love back on board.

The story reveals the life of today’s youth, their friendships, feelings, priorities, and ineptitude to handle relationships while not forgetting their turmoil between the two critical facets of life: LOVE & SEX.

Love makes the world go round Or is it Sex? Based on real life experiences and tea time gossips

My Review:

This is a debut book by Aman Jassal, where the protagonist falls in love with Simran, but is continually unfaithful to her.

Let me start off the review with what I liked about this book:

I liked the way the book ended, I would have been disappointed if it had ended any other way. I believe in the end Simran took the right decision. Unlike other authors, he chooses to give a realistic ending to the story than going for a fictional romanticized one.

The PG setting brought back some fun memories of my PG days.

But, the book had more cons than pros.

Too many spelling mistakes, grammatical errors as well as errors in sentence construction. It seemed like the book had never passed through any editor’s hands. Even the most basic spellings were wrong in many places.

The characters were one dimensional and too stereotypical. The author made many sweeping generalizations like all men talk only of women and beer or all women’s purses are too full of stuff, etc etc. I would have liked to know more about the characters instead of how many women the men thought about, and how women were beautiful.

I do not buy the way Yuvi and Simran meet. I do not think that any girl would be so stupid to fall in love with a stranger, who gets hold of her number and sends her random messages telling her how smitten he is by her. It was just too far fetched.

Though I was intrigued by the concept of using each colour of the rainbow,  I felt the author felt short of justifying it in the story.

(I thank Aman Jassal for sending me the copy of this book)