Two Sides of The Same Coin

Author: Awdhesh Singh

Good and Evil: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Book Blurb:

Why are people not good? Why do people lie and cheat? Why is there so much corruption in this world? Why is the media filled with only the negative news of crimes, murder and rapes? Is there nothing good that is happening in this world? Why is the present generation most frustrated despite being the beneficiary of the rapid growth of material comforts and prosperity? Why are we bored despite having electronic media to entertain us 24X7, social networking sites to connect us to all our friends and electronic media and internet to help us know everything that is going on in this world?

My Review:

This book presents a very interesting array of Ideas. Just like the other books by the same author, here also very interesting concept is presented in simple English.

The argument of the importance of criminals in the society was surprising, yet, made me think and nod in agreement.

Mr. Singh says that good and evil are not two different entities, but are coexistent, one cannot survive without the other.

An excess of everything, even good, would be detrimental to the society’s growth. A civilized society is better off with equal amount of both good and evil.

Very Interesting concept indeed.

Some of the anecdotes very repeated from the previous books, though, which made it a bit repetitive, but all in all a very good read.

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(A big Thank You to Dr. Awdhesh Singh for sending me the copy of the book 🙂 )