Author: Mischelle Knight

Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed: A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings

Book Blurb:

Michelle Knight was kidnapped by Ariel Castro and suffered imprisonment and appalling abuse for the next ten years. But it was not until two other girls, Gina Dejesus and Amanda Berry were also trapped in the house that news of the missing girls, all from a close area in Cleveland, Ohio, came out. When they were finally released in 2013,the world at large was shocked. How, in a modern society with high-tech communications, could three teenage girls simply disappear? Michelle tells her gruelling, yet riveting story in honest, clear prose that is difficult to put down.

My View:

I cannot review this book, simply because how can I review experiences of another person?

I had blogged about the Cleaveland kidnappings here, along with Michelle’s interview.

The book goes into the depth of what went inside what is now dubbed as Ariel Castro’s “House of Horrors” and how one man trapped three girls in a way that no one knew where they went for ten years.

The book has Michelle’s recollection of how she survived the most horrible things and not giving up even in the most extreme circumstances.

Hers is a story of hope in the face of despair, courage in the face of extremism and having the will to keep on living even when everything is lost.
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