Author: Agatha Christie

Ordeal By Innocence

Book Blurb:

Recovering from amnesia, Dr. Arthur Calgary discovers that he alone could have provided an alibi in a scandalous murder trial. It ended in the conviction of Jacko Argyle. The victim was Jacko’s own mother, and to make matters worse, he died in prison. But the young man’s innocence means that someone else killed the Argyle matriarch, and would certainly kill again to remain in the shadows. Shaded in the moral ambiguity of murder, the provocative psychological puzzler of guilt, vengeance, and blood secrets is among Agatha Christie’s personal favorites.

My Review:

I could safely say I grew up on Agatha Christie. And thankfully the school library had a large collection, and those that were not available, were available at the Public Library.

I do not even remember when I got this book, sometime during school years would be my guess, but it had been years since I picked it up.

When I read mysteries, I tend to look for the murderer myself, it is like a race, do I guess the murderer before the protagonist or not. It makes the reading a whole lot of fun.

Since I had read it before (but I did not remember anything), I did have my suspicions set on this one person, and everything, every word made my suspicions stronger, so much so that even during the second last chapter, even the police thought this person was the murderer.

Just as I was feeling awesome, giving myself a pat on the back, it turns out I was 100% wrong. My respect for this book increased by a long shot. To make such a mystery that even a person who has read it before can not guess, shows its perfectness.

An Excellent book!

Here’s an interesting video extract from the Miss Marple Television show that was created based on this book: