A Novel of War, Peace, Politics and Palestine

Author: Collin Mallard

Stillpoint: A Novel of war, peace politics and Palestine

My Review:

This book is quite interesting, as in, it takes Israel – Palestine conflict, but looks at it from a totally different angle.

The book tries to go behind the conflict and examine the root cause of the war, to analyze why after all these years, the war still goes on. But unlike other works on this topic, the book has a third angle, America. And what are the concrete ways and steps that America can take to bring peace in this region.

The characters are of different ages, who live in different areas and different time frames. This helps the reader understand the conflict in the much better form.

Each character has it’s own journey and tries to face their individual challenges. I loved the ending where major characters come together and the story has more meaning and hope.

Though the ideology and the story line of the book were good, I personally could not connect much to the characters. Maybe because there were many characters and the book’s pace was fast, so could not have the time to connect to these characters.

(I thank Colin Mallard for sending me an e-book)