For Innovation, Leadership and Happiness

Author: Awdhesh Singh

Practising Spiritual Intelligence: For Innovation, Leadership and Happiness

Book Blurb:

We all wish to attain success and happiness in our lives. However, only a few people are able to live life the way they want and get what they desire in their lives. Our ability to get what we want is commonly known as intelligence. Yet the IQ Tests are not the proper measure for true intelligence as we know that many people with high IQ lead miserable lives as they fail to develop the true intelligence, which must include:
1. Knowledge of the self
2. Knowledge of others- your allies and your opponents
3. Knowledge of the ground situation
4. Knowledge of the various techniques that need to be employed
5. Intuitive ability to select the best technique
Spiritual Intelligence is defined as “the ability to know the self, know other people, know the ground situation, understand the ‘desired objective’ and inculcate the ability to choose the ‘right technique’ that should work in the given situation.” This book explains the concept of Spiritual Intelligence and provides practical methods to develop and practice it for developing innovation, leadership and happiness.


My Review:

This was a very interesting book. The way spirituality was explained with different scientific theories and examples made the reading so much more interesting.

The best part of the book was that really complex concepts were written in such simple way that it was very easy to grasp everything. The entire thing was made even more interesting due to the use of humorous anecdotes.

The book is divided into different parts, which made it more interesting, I loved the last part of the book the most, which dealt with all how to implement all the learning and concepts that are highlighted in the previous parts to your advantage.

Intelligence is subjective, everybody has intelligence, but how to utilize your intelligence in a way that would lead to professional success, is what is highlighted in this book.

All in all, I really found this book to be very interesting, if you wish to move on in life, you should read this book. It’s fun, interesting book from which one can learn a lot of amazing information.

( I thank Dr. Awdhesh Singh for sending me a copy of this book. 🙂 )