Journeying Into Hearts

A wee bit late in answering the phone and it got disconnected. Maybe, Cyrus suddenly decided not to talk to her…… Or, had she delayed in answering him…? She had already delayed once before in her life. Not again.

I’ll call him…

Cyrus’s heart beat increased instantly as he saw the number. He looked at the flashing number on his screen for a full minute before answering.

He and Jennifer had exchanged numbers in last night’s chat. All day he was thinking of the reasons he could call her for, playing different conversations in his head, but somehow, he lacked the courage to make that call. And, when he did make that call, he just couldn’t wait…

Having her number had in a way taken their friendship to another level. It signified that they were more than just online friends.

“HHello” Cyrus mentally slapped himself for letting his nervousness be so obvious in his voice.

“Hey Cyrus. Sorry. Before I could take your call, it had got disconnected. Hope I am not disturbing you.” Jennifer’s voice was exactly like Cyrus had imagined it, confident and sweet.

“No, not at all, I was thinking of calling you all day, but somehow did not.” Her laughter at hearing this made Cyrus forget his nervousness. He always found himself being brutally honest with her. In their chats he had been able to tell her things that he had not told even his closest friends. There was something about her, he felt she understood him.

The rest of the conversation was a breeze. They ended up talking for about half an hour. Later

Cyrus could not recollect what they had talked about; he just remembered feeling very light, happy and relaxed post the call.


Jennifer was elated when Cyrus finally asked for her number while chatting. She expected him to call immediately. When he did not, she was mildly disappointed.

However, time had taught her to be patient and not reckless, something she had been once when she was much younger, causing her to lose something close to her heart. The next day, when Cyrus had called, she felt light and happy – a sensation she had not felt for a very long time. He sounded a bit nervous at first, but as the conversation carried on, they hit it off immediately. He was every bit as charming on call as he was on online chats!

That one call opened the floodgate of calls, messages and video calls between them. Before she knew it, she and Cyrus were constantly keeping in touch with each other. Everything was just perfect. Jennifer loved waking up to see his “Good Morning” and going to sleep while on call with him.

The age gap did not matter as much to her as it did before.

So, when one day Cyrus was acting a bit aloof, not picking up her calls and giving one word answers when he did, tired with this behaviour, she told him to either tell her what the matter was or just become normal.

He called her that night. She had half the mind to not pick up the call, but her curiosity got the better of her.

“Sorry, really really Sorry” was the first thing she heard which brought an unexpected smile to her face.

“That’s fine, but at least tell me what the matter is.”

“I just had the most horrible day.” He sounded extremely frustrated.

“I wish I could just get away from all this frustration for a while.”

“Well, why don’t you?”


“Why don’t you make a trip to Kochi? Kerala is the most relaxing and exotic of places. People from afar come here and feel refreshed. Why don’t you come here when I am there for you?

Why don’t you take a few days off and relax? I would love to be host.”

There was silence for a while.

“You there Cyrus?”

Regaining his voice, he asked, “You seriously mean it? You really will go out of your way for me?”

“Sure. Why not?”

The frustration in Cyrus had somehow vanished. He was extremely excited at the prospect of meeting Jennifer. The rest of the call had them both discussing the probable plans of the meet up.

After the call, Jennifer could not stop smiling and thinking about the trip.

“It’s going to be amazing!” She thought to herself and switched on her laptop to finish up with the day’s work.

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