This question is plaguing me for quite some time now, ever since I saw The fault in our stars movie, I guess.

I have read the book, loved it and so when the censor board decided that I was not fit to view the Amsterdam scene, I was quite uncomfortable.

Now, as some people decided that that was a scene that I should not watch, I have not been able to see how it was portrayed, but in the book it was this cute, awkward, extremely clumsy scene between Hazel and Agustus. It was their one way of finally accepting their relationship, knowing well how short lived it would be. It was at this weird time when Agustus also finds out about his disease. The scene I felt was important because it showed the bond between them.

But apparently, others disagreed.

The question that arises is if that scene is inappropriate, how are other scenes/songs like this appropriate?

1) Katrnia Kaif being clad in just a bed sheet surrounded by a group of men on a bed, thrusting her chest in the most awkward way at the start of Sheela ki Jawani?

2) Shahid Kapoor tells the girl he falls in love with to shut up and deal with his stalking and that because he likes her he has a right on her, in the song “Agal Bagal” song?

3) Too many Item Songs, Remix Songs, etc. with raunchy lyrics and highly objectified women and somehow fully clad or at least comparatively more clad men?

4) Casting the likes of Sunny Leone just to keep inhaling deeply while wearing shortest clothes possible and prancing around the men without almost no significant role in the movie.

4) Almost any Imraan Hashmi movie?

And many more…

I find these much more uncomfortable to watch, and did not feel any level of discomfort reading the fault in our stars?

My question for Censor board is:

How do you decide what I can or cannot watch? And if the fault in our stars’ scene was so ‘vulgar’ that it needed to be censored, why the above points acceptable?

Is it because the TFIOS scene did not objectify Hazel from weird angles?

I must add here that I do not approve of censorship of any kind, I feel each person has a right to decide what he or she wants to consume, be it movies, literature or movies.

But I do have a problem when even a U/A passed films have almost naked women singing and dancing to horribly double meaning songs, glorifies eve teasings,  have songs that approves of stalking, graphic violence, rapes, etc., but when the same audience is not considered mature enough to watch a scene of real, meaningful and consensual sex.