As promised, here is my take on the women of Game of Thrones, this is based on the BOOK game of thrones, which is part one of the song of Ice and Fire Series, and not the entire TV series. My review of the book is here.

First, let me start off by saying, I believe that even though the society was portrayed to be highly patriarchal, the women in this series are not some weak self sacrificing cardboard decorations who live for the men in their lives (even though the society tells them to). For example, I prefer these game of thrones ladies any day over Bella Swan or Anastasia Steele, who even though live in a more modern and less patriarchal society, have absolutely nothing to account for. Bella lives for boys. She is defined by the guy in her life and stops functioning when she is left alone, and ventures out only when she feels another guy’s attraction for her. While Ms. Steele is the girl who thinks she is nothing. Absolutely ZERO confidence and who thinks she is nothing special, and realizes her value only when a guy tells her she is valuable. I just cannot stand such females. I know that there are a lot of people who swear by them, who say their vulnerability and clumsiness and awkwardness and lack of confidence helps them ‘connect’ and makes the character seem more realbut I just seem to get irritated with them.

As with the Harry Potter women article (Link here and here), I will deal with each character.

1. Arya Stark

Younger Daughter of Lord Eddard Stark, Arya Stark lives in Winterfell. She has to undergo all the “Ladylike” pursuits like knitting and sewing and they bore her to death. She often runs away from sewing classes to watch her brothers practice sword fighting. She is fascinated with swords. She does not understand her older sister Sansa who is extremely well behaved and acts like a Lady.

She is often mistaken for a boy because of her clothes and actions. She names her sword “Needle”” because unlike other girls who are expert in sewing, she wants to be an expert swordsperson.

My favorite part was when her father Eddard Stark tells her that she is to marry a lord, rule his castle and give him strong sons, she tells him “No! You got it wrong, that’s not me, that’s Sansa.”

Daenerys Targaryen

One of my favorite characters, even better than Arya, I believe. Arya was strong from the start, and it’s comparatively easier for a strong person to stand by their ideals.

But Daenerys “Danny” always lived in her brother’s shadow. Always afraid of his anger, always doing as he tells her to do. But at the age of thirteen, she is sold to the leader “Khal Drogo” of the nomadic Dothraki community, thus making her a Khaleesi. She is sold as her brother wants the armies and the money in return. She is afraid of her husband, but unlike what is shown in the TV series, the Khal is very gentle with her and she stops being afraid of him.

It is living with the Dothrakis she starts to question all that she had been conditioned to believe. She starts asserting herself both to the Khal and to everyone around her.

With her new realization, she starts questioning everything her brother told her, and realizes that her brother is not what he speaks. She realizes that she is her own person and when the time comes, and she is indeed alone, she decides that she is going to stand up for herself and fight for what is hers and will not let any man stand in her way. She earns the respect of the Dothraki men because of her sheer strength of will, which had never happened before.

Cersei Lannister

The lady who is truly behind everything. She plans and plots her way to what she wants.She is sarcastic, cunning, an excellent player of mind games and is not afraid of speaking her mind, like when she tells her husband, the king:

Here's Proof The Women Of "Game Of Thrones" Are Way More Badass Than The Men

She wants the throne for her family, and she will go to every length to get it. Anyone who dares to stop her, is finished.

Catelyn Tully-Stark

Bethrod to Eddard Stark’s elder brother, but married to Eddard due to the elder brother’s death. Eventually starts loving Eddard and loves being the caregiver to him and their kids. But she never really adjusts to the cold of Winterfell, but never complains and does her duty: A perfect mother, A perfect wife. She has a breakdown when her son gets hurt, but as she realizes that her husband and daughters might be in danger, she immediately leaves to warn them and save them. She captures the person she thinks tried to hurt her loved one, she supports her son in war, gives him advice without mothering him.

Sansa Stark:

Although Initially she is a perfect lady. She is all about airs and graces and is perfect in all ladylike pursuits. She does not understand Arya. When it was decided that she was to wed Joffery, she was happy to lead such a life.

But then she realizes that being a queen does not mean anything and that not all people are as they seem to be. She than starts developing a character of her own instead of trying to remember always how to talk and act like a Lady.


There you go, after reading the series further, I would be able to add more..Soon, Hopefully!