What fun my life is!!!!

Yesterday my two legged family was home the whole day!! I am usually a little worried in the mornings when they go off somewhere, leaving me alone 😦 I do not like it at all… I try my best everyday to them stay at home the whole day, but they all go away and I have to wait… :/

But yesterday my prayers were answered, the entire family was at home the whole day, I had so much fun!!!

And to demonstrate my happiness, I ran around the whole house twice! 🙂 🙂

Today, it was even more fun!!!

My humans took me in that funny four legged thingy that runs even faster than me… At first my humans told me to go in, I did not go in as I thought it would eat me, so I jumped and ran away (YesI love to jump… so I jump at every opportunity, when I am happy, sad, excited or just because I feel like it)

My human had to pick me up and put me in that white thingy and closed its stomach. And then that thing started to run with me and humans inside!!!!!!!

Then suddenly its stomach opened a little, and sooo much wind came it blew my ears!! And along with it came sooooooo many different smells, it was insane!!

I looked out and sooo many humans, and other two legged and four legged animals were all running!!

It was such a beautiful sight and it still makes me happy to think about it!!

But, all good things have to end so I saw my house near. And the stomach opened. I tried to pretend to be in deep sleep so that my humans would let me be in the running animal for ever, but they AGAIN picked me up and took me out of that vehicle (They don’t understand that I am a BIG dog now, and only puppies are to be picked up not mature dogs like me.. I will complete whole 3 months in a few days).

I made sure that all my humans got down safely (ah.. who am I kidding? I just didn’t want them to go off without me) and happily walked to my room and slept, dreaming of my wonderful adventure and the tasty lunch that will be served in my “SUPERDOG” Blue plate… yummmmmmmmm… My mouth is watering even thinking about it.


Ok, now you go… enough talking for today, I want to sleep. Bye and lots of licks!!



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