Quite some time ago, I got this unusual award from Elena (http://tipsfromonerussianbear.blogspot.ru), and finally got around to posting it here. Thanks a lot, Elena! 🙂

Libester means dearest or beloved in German, and this award is for the people who love to travel! It is also a great way to know people!

Here are the rules:
once you’re nominated, you must answer 10 questions, then nominate 10 other travel bloggers and ask them 10 questions of your own.

Here’s my attempt to answer Elena’s Questions:

1.Why do you travel?

Just like reading, my love for travelling also comes from My Dad. For as far as I remember, we would always be going for some new place in all vacations.

So, I guess in my mind holidays = travel.

Travelling is a way to explore new places, experiencing new cuisines, soaking up new experiences, it’s just too much fun!

2. What is the country/city you keep returning to and why haven’t you moved there yet?

I try to visit a new place every time, but if there is one place that I could go again and again, its Ladakh, India. I have been to a lot of places, but that is one place that is just too amazing. The sights, the sounds, the people, its par extra ordinary.

Moving to Ladakh permanently would not be a practical option, I believe, due to it’s difficult terrains and lack of basic amenities.

3. Do you have certain thing without which you wouldn’t jump on the airplane?

Books. I ABSOLUTELY NEED books while travelling, especially if the journey is long.

On second thoughts, traveller’s cheques and cash are also equal necessities ;).

4. What to read for inspiration if I go to your favorite destination for my first time?

This answer is going to surprise you, but NOTHING! Just reach the place and enjoy the experiences!

5. Who is your favorite travel photographer and why?

I enjoy photographs from Tim Clinch, as his photographs are extremely clean, honest and showcase a wide range of places and people.

6. Do you prefer trains over airplanes?

Not really. I used to, as it was interesting to see the sights and sounds and to see the landscapes changing, but off late to travel the railways in India one needs to book AC compartments, if one needs a decent travel, and traveling in airplane is so much better than that.

7. Which city you’ve seen and didn’t like and now you wish you could give it a second chance?

Fortunately, I have yet to encounter a city I did not like.

What is your favourite airport for connecting flights and why?

Doha, as it has wide variety of things to do.

Describe your best day from your last trip!

It was a weekend trip with my two school friends to Pune, India. We just spent the day walking along the busy city roads, trying new places to eat, visiting stores and had a gala time!

What was your first travel you loved so much you cannot forget it?

The time we went to Haridwar, India. It is THE place for worship for many people, and they have a huge aarti which was beautiful. But, the trip was memorable as we had stayed in a Hotel very far from the city called “Himalayan Hideaways”, it was a beautiful rustic hotel in the middle of the Jungle and we could trek down to the valley to visit the river. That was the first trip I could experience rappling and white water rafting. It was insane!! Being slightly out of our minds, and accompanied by the guide who was even crazier, we had even jumped in the Ganges and held on to our dear lives clutching the floating boat as waves rushed over us. Yup, that was FUN!


And now for my 10 questions:

1.  Which is your dream holiday destination?

2. What is your idea of an Ideal Holiday?

3. If you could choose one place that you could move to right now and live forever, what place would that be?

4. Tell us about the most weird travelling experience you ever had

5. Who do you prefer to travel with?

6. Three things that you NEED to carry with yourself when you travel

7. Tell us about your Worst traveling experience

8. Name one place that you feel everyone has to see in their lifetime

9. Do you have a favourite travel blog? Which?

10. Who is your favourite travel author?


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