– The WB logo at the start of the movie give you chills like never before, every time you watch the movie.


–   “Always” is more romantic to you than “I Love You”

Always Happy Birthday, Snape! Pittsburgh Gifts Cards


– The feels when you realize that the match in third year was the first time Moony saw Prongs in 12 years!


– It breaks your heart to see at the time of death, Tonks and Remus’s hands are almost touching..almost


– Seeing Draco Malfoy in any scene in sixth and seventh part, and just wanting to run and give him a bone crushing hug and whisper “Its ok…I understand!”


– You went into depression when Dumbledore died and the tears you shed in book seven could solve the third world water shortage problems.


– When someone talks of studying plants…you think of Herbology instead of Botany


– When instead of normal wedding vows, you want to make an unbreakable vow at your wedding


– You get frustrated with the “DID YA PUT YA NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIYAH!”


– Hedwig’s Theme is on your playlist

– You want to know what butter bear tastes like, and have tried to find recipes online.

– You to say “Honestly, Don’t you read” to non-readers, and in your mind you feel just like Hermoine


– You read number 394  and say obviously in Snape’s voice, always!


– Once in your life, you have dialled 62442


– When a stranger makes a random Harry Potter reference, you develop a sudden liking to them.

– You do not understand when people ask just how many more times will you read the same books and watch the same movies again and again.

– HP stands for HARRY POTTER and LV stands for LORD VOLDEMORT, you have a Harry Potter Laptop and a Lord Voldemort bag.


– Football? It’s Quidditch without brooms, and half the fun.

– Someone sends a “jk” text to you, and you mentally add Rowling instantly.

– You follow Professor Snape on Twitter 😉