Jane Eyre is by far my favorite literary heroine. I just love her spark, her independence and the fact that she is so strong, and so vulnerable..yet, she does not let her vulnerability come in way of her decisions. I reviewed the book here.

After watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube (Review here), I came across this Jane Eyre series. Here is the first episode:

Unlike the Lizzie Bennet one, this took a few episodes to actually connect to. And unlike the book, this series starts off with Jane looking for employment. I guess, it was not possible to start where the book started off, but I would have liked this Jane to speak a tad bit more of her past.

Also, the ending was quite abrupt, and we do not even get to see Mr. Rochester 😦 I understand that the actor playing Mr. Rochester had some issues with the producers and so they had to revolve the story a bit, but still…it’d have been nice to have a better ending.

Unlike the book Jane, this Jane is a bit more open and fun. Which was good, as I think a modern Jane who is so serious, would not have been so interesting.

A good adaptation, I still like the Lizzie Bennet one better though.