Author: Anandaa


Book Blurb:
“…Hello,” I said, “Can’t say I’ve seen you around here before.” She smiled again…and my heart melted. “No, you haven’t,” she giggled. “For I have come especially to meet you today. I am Death, and it is time.”What happens when Death comes for you…and you start arguing over coffee ?… a quirky tale that offers a whole new perspective into one of life’s deepest mysteries…

My Review:

This is by far the cutest and shortest book I have! Just a 54 page little book and I totally love the cover.

This book shows that the size of the book in no way related to its content.

In just 54 pages, the strong and powerful message is conveyed. Frankly, I got to thinking and being interested in pure sciences too. Which is saying something as I, as a student chucked sciences the first chance I saw. But this got me thinking as to how it has so many interesting things and how it can relate to more philosophy.

The book is basically a ‘what is the meaning of life, if you do not live’ but the way in is conveyed is quite funny. Describing death as a pretty young girl was quite…..unusual.

Considering that the message is so strong and powerful, it would have been better if the book was a tad bit bigger. Some more details and character sketch of the main character would have been awesome, I would have liked to know more about the kind of person the main protagonist was, what was his past, what he worked as..

All in all, a very fast read…but deserves a multiple read..

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(I thank Being Shakespeare for sending me a copy of this book 🙂 )