We all just love our furry friends, we get them best quality food, buy clothes, toys, beds for them, take them for a ride in our car give them a special place in our homes and our hearts!! And when anyone asks we proudly tell them “ My Fido is a pure XYZ breed!”. And at the end of the day we sleep with a smile on our faces calling ourselves “Animal lovers”

But, hang on, what about that poor little nameless dog, who lives near your street? Yes, the one that is living on your street, the one whose bones are sticking out of his body, who might not have had food or drink for days??

What is his fault that he does not get love?? Why is he always kicked and stones are thrown on him?? Is it just because his is not a “Breed”??

Traditionally, a “Breed” was named because of a place where he was born or his work. Like Dalmatians were named such because they were living in a place called Dalmatian. A German Shepherd was a dog living in Germany helping farmers there to herd their sheep. A Labrador Retriever was once living in a place near Labrador, Newfoundland where he helped hunters and fishermen retrieve their catches.

So, basically all our prided Breeds are not some blue blooded royalty, he just another dog from a foreign country. Which means that even that nameless Dog on the street has the capacity of giving you the same love and companionship as any other costly breed.

Please note, I am not saying that we should not have “Breed” dogs, I have a Labrador myself, and am absolutely in Love with him..All I am saying is, don’t treat that Dog on your street like he is some sort of untouchable trash, Adopt him too, if you are not able to bring him home, that is OK, just give him basic food and water, that’s all they ask in return for their endless, unconditional love. Is that really too much to give? I think NOT.