Since babyhood, we have been warned by teachers and parents alike to be wary of strangers. Which is so true…there are all sorts of weirdos out there starting from the ones who stare like one is an alien, to pedophiles or even serial killers.

Every time a non blogger comes to know that I have “friends” whom I have never met in real life, some whose real names are still a mystery, I am usually given a “Dafaq girl, you outta your mind?” look. This post is for you, dear non-blogger, to make you see my point of view.

You see, we bloggers are extremely weird set of people. For us, we show the most imperfect, broken, vulnerable parts of our souls to the world. No wonder many prefer to be anonymous, in this EXTREMELY judgmental world, it takes raw courage to speak your mind.

I know people who are broken, dealing with extreme depression, or going through a huge emotional turmoil looking for a place to vent and let their hearts out, or there are truly talented people who churn out beautiful poetry in their minds while sitting in that grey cubicle.

In real life, most people project perfect selves, living a perfect life, but that is not true. Everyone has a baggage. And somehow I am more drawn to people who are NOT perfect, I like people who make mistakes, who are insecure, imperfect and are not afraid to show these imperfections.

After I started blogging, I was able to get in touch with my inner self and refine my thoughts.

I met some truly AMAZING people who are special in their own way. And even though we have never met, I feel I know you more then many people i come across in real life.

Keep blogging and supporting each other! 🙂