The Business Called Marriage

Recently UTV Bindaas Chanel has come up with a program called “Change Aayega, Hum Layenge”. I was pretty impressed with the promos of the show, but unfortunately missed the first few episodes, which I plan to catch up on soon!

But the one episode that I did see, dealt with the social “tradition” of Dowry, which by the way, has been made illegal by law.

The show starts with a short story, of the girl’s family practicing severe cut backs to save money, like the precise measurement of cold drinks to be served to the prospective guy’s family.

When the guy’s family do show up, they start with a presentation on their family and the net worth of their son, They even offer them a discount on dowry as the family is from the same caste! The deal is finalized and they leave, without even meeting the girl!

Then the scene comes where the girl’s family sells everything they own to fulfill the ever increasing demands, from curtains to geometry box is sold. The girls are left to use their hands to measure angles. This is when the to be bride “lakshmi” realises that this is NOT her marriage anyways, but of other lakshmi (Lakshmi= money in hindi). She dresses up a mannequin in 500 rs notes and sends it off to get married, and no one even notices. This was a wonderful way of showing how blind people become while following traditions.

After this they conduct a social experiment, wherein this dowry business is being transacted in a café in Mumbai to see how many people actually stand up against it. Do have a look.

I feel MORE such shows instead of youth channels, should come up on mainstream channels which, as of today, is full of makeup decked ladies crying buckets of crocodile tears while scheming to ruin people’s lives/ being the oh-so-aadarsh victim, while dumb men stay in office and come home to be served hot food.


4 thoughts on “The Business Called Marriage”

  1. Saw the whole episode. It’s a really good initiative. Thanks for bringing it to our notice. I’m really glad to know there’s some good content coming on TV 🙂


    1. Yes, finally something of substance on the idiot box! They even have a new show called ‘Halla bol” wherein they show inspiring stories about women who stood up for themselves! Will blog about that as well!


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