Baramulla_Bomber_thumbBook Cover Description:

An Ancient Weapon from the Vedas & Bible

Once Hunted by the Nazis

Powered by the Sound of the Universe

Reborn with the Help of Quantum Physics

Going to be Unleashed onto the World

And Kashmir Holds its Secret

Multiple intelligence agencies are tracking Mansur Haider, a god-fearing aspiring cricketer from Kashmir. His girlfriend, Aahana Yajurvedi, is trying to locate her missing mountaineering team, which vanished after a mysterious earthquake struck Shaksgam Valley. Investigating Mansur and the Shaksgam Valley incident is Swedish intelligence officer, Adolf Silfverskiold, whose only relationship to God consists of escorting his girlfriend to Church.

A dual China-Pakistan battlefront scenario facing the Indian Home Minister, Agastya Rathore, whose ancestors carry a prehistoric secret linked to the stars. He is faced with the challenge of finding a lasting solution to the Kashmir crisis.

Which biblical weapon was tested in Shaksgam valley? Why is Mansur Haider important? Is there a solution to the Kashmir crisis? Can destiny be controlled? Does a cosmic religion exist?

My Thoughts:

The first thing that attracted me to pick up this book was its cover. The green eyes, the intensity, the intrigue that was portrayed so beautifully. The other point was that it promised the reader a “Quantum Physics meets Bible and Vedas in Background of Kashmir and Cricket”, I must confess I picked it up to see how on earth can someone mix all this up?

First few pages in, you know that the Clark Prasad knows what he is writing about. The amount of research that he must have put in is seen quite clearly. I have yet to come across an Indian origin book, which has this much research as a backing. Impressed.

During some of the pages, I felt I was reading Dan Brown!

The story is extremely fast paced and moves across different time lines, it indeed is the thriller it promised itself to be!

Coming to the cons, the book needed a bit more editing, to amalgamate the research MORE with the story line.

If you like thrillers, cricket, politics or you are interested in wars, this book will strike a chord with you.

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(I thank Suraj Clark Prasad and Readers Cosmos for sending me this book for review)