I would like to start off my first webeisode review by saying: THANK YOU YouTube coming in and for saving my brains when all the shows on Television would end up making me bang my head on the walls…
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a modern adaptation on (If you have not guessed it yet), Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice.
This is a compilation of 100 webisodes, each around 2 to 4 minutes long, also, there is a sub plot which is shown in form of Lydia’s POINT OF VIEW.
The entire story is conducted by Lizzie Bennet as a form of Vlog. Where we meet characters as and when Lizzie introduces us.
If you do not want to read the long analysis, you could Watch the entire series here:

Here are the characters that are shown in these diaries, and my take on them, YUP it has “Spoilers” if you have lived on Mars and have no Idea what Pride and Prejudice is all about:
Lizzie Bennet:
Lizzie, in this episode, is the same dense prejudiced Elizabeth we see in Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice. In these webisodes she portrays how she perceives other people in her life by wearing costumes and acting out their parts.
The character development is seem subtly from the way Lizzie reacts to leaving of Charlotte to the leaving of Jane. She goes for “You are a fool to leave me, I am so angry at you” to ” If you feel it is right for you, I am happy for you”. We see her maturing.
Modern Twist:
What I liked about this Character (and this is what is different from the book) is that Lizzie REJECTS Darcy’s proposal in the end. Now….hold that scorns and the gasps, I meant the OFFICIAL proposal. Once Lizzie and Darcy acknowledge their love for each other, Darcy asks Lizzie to join his firm, Lizzie refuses and tells him, she would like to start her own firm and be his competitor instead of being “the girl who dates the boss”. Way to go, Lizzie! 🙂
Charlotte Lucas is Charlotte Lou.
But, she remains the same sensible practical Charlotte of the book. She is the editor of the series who shoots Lizzie and adds her comments.
She is the first one to tell Lizzie she is being prejudiced.
Modern Twist:
Charlotte DOES accept Mr Collins, but unlike the marriage proposal of the book, this Mr Collins has come with an object of finding a good business partner.
Lydia Bennet:
Lydia, Lizzie’s younger sister is the same overly extroverted Character. But, unlike the book, where she is just a stupid senseless character who irritated Lizzie, here we see more of her, which makes us understand why she acts the way she does.
We see her looking up to her sisters, but never being taken seriously, we see her being lonely, her trying to live up to her perfect elder sisters and we can’t help but empathise with her.
The Character development is Fantastic. We see her going from a lively, fun and a colourful person to a dull, unsure ghost of a person after coming in touch with Wickham. She starts wearing Greys and looks all depressed, even though saying she is in Love and is “Happy”. A perfect example of an abusive relationship.
Modern Twist:
While here Lydia does enter into a relation with Wickham, instead of Darcy paying for her marriage, we see Darcy buying of the rights to a sex video Wickham makes of Lydia.
Here, Lydia, though traumatized by this, takes counselling and separates from Wickham.
Jane Bennet:
The Sweet, Perfect Elder Sister of the Bennet Household. Just like the book, Jane sees good in Everyone.
Also, as Bing Lee Leaves her without telling her to LA, she follows him too. But, she discovers herself there. Learns a few things about life and settles in LA and even though, still in Love, believes that one can live happily alone and does not need the other person to complete you.
 Modern Adaptation:
Once, Bing Lee Comes back to her, she DOES NOT accept him. She says she wants to be just friends as she cannot trust him anymore! 🙂
When she gets a Job in New York, she tells Bing to his face that even though she loves him, she is NOT going to let him come in way of her career. Also, when Bing says he will accompany HER to New York, she says Yes, only after she is sure he knows he has hurt her and he still needs to get her trust back.  Such a refreshing change from the book-Jane. I like Jane standing up for her self.
LOVED the Series!! Hope you like it too!
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