Happy New Year Folks!!

I know it’s a bit late, but better late than never, right?

I am a kind of person who is crazy about the new things and resolve to change every time, new books (I SWEAR to not let reading this book interfere with life), new pens (I SWEAR i will not lose this one), new gizmos ( I will try not to break it) and a Lot more.

Sometimes these get fulfilled, sometimes they do not.

So, here is what I resolve for this new year:

1) Write more blogs: I know I do not have a blogging schedule, but this year, I plan to be more active here. When I started blogging, it was just an outlet for thoughts that were considered “too out-of-place” and ” different” for people around me. It was here that I realised that these were not one of a kind weird thoughts, but genuine concerns that are faced by many and gave me the confidence to speak up.I thank each person who viewed by blog, followed it or criticized it, you helped me grow. And this year, I plan to do it even more seriously.

2) Read more books and paint more: When I was in school, I was one of those who never spoke much. It was only when I left home and went to college and was forced to speak on stage that I discovered I was a good speaker. And strangely, to this day, I have no problem speaking in front of thousands of people,but have trouble speaking to one strange person.Weird, i know. But anyway, during school I was happiest when I was either reading or painting. But this decreased as life took over.This year, I plan to indulge myself again!

3) Be Patient: I want everything to be done here and now. I will consciously try to be more patient.

4) Decrease procrastination: Like seriously, this needs to be checked :/

5) Not compromise my standards: As you all know, sundry aunts have made it their life’s mission to get me married to the next guy on the road. Especially as I turned 25 last month, not one day has passed when grand mother has not called  someone to say how she expects me to get married “SOON”, or random relatives I do not even know comment to my parents how they are so looking forward to my marriage. I resolve, that no matter how much pressure society puts on me, I will not compromise my standards. I will not settle for someone any less than I deserve just because it is a “right” age to get married, according to the society.

Well,that’s just all that I plan to do, not much, eh?

Anyway, did you make any resolutions? Let me know what they are in the comments section,I would love to know about them!