Lisa Kudrow: I LOVE her!

Lisa Kudrow, best known for her role as Pheobie in Friends, has always taken up roles that are different.

Have a look at some of her videos and you will know just why I love her so much!


She is SMART

She is FUNNY


I KNOW these are characters she plays, but it DOES say a lot about the character of a person by the kind of characters he/she picks up, right?


Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie: A Book Review



Book Cover Description:

Born at the Stroke of Midnight on August 15, 1947, At the precise moment of India’s Independence, the infant Saleem Sinai is celebrated by the press and is welcomed by the Prime Minister Nehru Himself. But this coincidence of Birth has consequences Saleem is not prepared for; telepathic powers that connect him with 1,000 other midnight’s children – All born in the initial hour of India’s Independence and the uncanny sense of smell that allows him to sniff out dangers that others cannot perceive.

Inextricably linked with his nation, Saleem’s biography is a whirlwind of disasters and triumphs that mirrors the course of Modern India at its most impossible and glorious.

My Take:

This book was hard to start. I must confess after buying this, I tried to read it twice and failed to go beyond some hundred pages.

But this time, I managed to continue, and contrary to all my expectations, this turned out to be one excellent book!

I guess the slow repetitive start was kind of acclimatization for the reader, as the storyline is extremely complex. The author expertly weaves the complex National issues with the minor details of his day-to-day life.

Rushdie chooses to start Saleem’s biography in he year 1915, thirty-two years before his birth. All the details of how Saleem’s grandfather Adam Aziz, whose parents had a jewel shop in Kashmir, who had a foreign education which resulted him in possessing ‘Modern’ thoughts. The young doctor examined his patient and future wife Naseem through a perforated sheet a bit at a time, under the close supervision of her cautious father. When at last she complained of a headache, he finally could see her face, “on the day the World War ended.” It’s pure humor.

After their marriage, he tries to change the traditional thinking of his wife and desperately wants her to adapt to modern values. This causes the constant friction in their marriage. Much like the struggle India was going through, or should I say, is still going through, Traditional or modern?

Saleem’s mother was a ‘dark girl’, which was why she was the least favourite of her mother. But, well respected by her father for her character. This shows how traditionally only fair-skinned girls were worthy of being valued. Why? Because their skin got them husbands.

So, when Saleem’s mother, falls in love with a pot-bellied fellow who is hiding in their basement, her parents readily agrees for their marriage. She was truly happy with Nadir but an illness caused Adam Aziz to find out that she was still a virgin. A marriage without children is no marriage at all, this leads to Nadir ‘doing the right thing’ and giving a divorce. And this in turn leads her to marry her elder sister’s love interest and change her name to ‘Amina Sinai’.

Thus, at the stroke of Midnight Saleem is born to a staff member of Sinai household. But, the midwife, for the reasons best known to her, changes the name tag, and Shiva, the legitimate son, becomes a poor man’s son and Salim becomes the prince.

Rushdie’s views on religion can be clearly seen in  his characters. Adam Aziz, Adam a christian name is mixed with Aziz a muslim name, while Parvati and Shiva’s son is Ahmed, Ahmed with big ears!

The book is filled with a LOT of details. The horrible Jalianwala Baugh Incident was narrated in a sentence or two. But in complete synchrony with the plot.

It was intellectually challenging to read this book, which made it a lot more fun to read.

NOT a book for a casual reader. but for a bibliophile it is a must read one!

My rating: 5 out of 5 


The movie trailer:

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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Webisodes Review

I would like to start off my first webeisode review by saying: THANK YOU YouTube coming in and for saving my brains when all the shows on Television would end up making me bang my head on the walls…
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a modern adaptation on (If you have not guessed it yet), Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice.
This is a compilation of 100 webisodes, each around 2 to 4 minutes long, also, there is a sub plot which is shown in form of Lydia’s POINT OF VIEW.
The entire story is conducted by Lizzie Bennet as a form of Vlog. Where we meet characters as and when Lizzie introduces us.
If you do not want to read the long analysis, you could Watch the entire series here:

Here are the characters that are shown in these diaries, and my take on them, YUP it has “Spoilers” if you have lived on Mars and have no Idea what Pride and Prejudice is all about:
Lizzie Bennet:
Lizzie, in this episode, is the same dense prejudiced Elizabeth we see in Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice. In these webisodes she portrays how she perceives other people in her life by wearing costumes and acting out their parts.
The character development is seem subtly from the way Lizzie reacts to leaving of Charlotte to the leaving of Jane. She goes for “You are a fool to leave me, I am so angry at you” to ” If you feel it is right for you, I am happy for you”. We see her maturing.
Modern Twist:
What I liked about this Character (and this is what is different from the book) is that Lizzie REJECTS Darcy’s proposal in the end. Now….hold that scorns and the gasps, I meant the OFFICIAL proposal. Once Lizzie and Darcy acknowledge their love for each other, Darcy asks Lizzie to join his firm, Lizzie refuses and tells him, she would like to start her own firm and be his competitor instead of being “the girl who dates the boss”. Way to go, Lizzie! 🙂
Charlotte Lucas is Charlotte Lou.
But, she remains the same sensible practical Charlotte of the book. She is the editor of the series who shoots Lizzie and adds her comments.
She is the first one to tell Lizzie she is being prejudiced.
Modern Twist:
Charlotte DOES accept Mr Collins, but unlike the marriage proposal of the book, this Mr Collins has come with an object of finding a good business partner.
Lydia Bennet:
Lydia, Lizzie’s younger sister is the same overly extroverted Character. But, unlike the book, where she is just a stupid senseless character who irritated Lizzie, here we see more of her, which makes us understand why she acts the way she does.
We see her looking up to her sisters, but never being taken seriously, we see her being lonely, her trying to live up to her perfect elder sisters and we can’t help but empathise with her.
The Character development is Fantastic. We see her going from a lively, fun and a colourful person to a dull, unsure ghost of a person after coming in touch with Wickham. She starts wearing Greys and looks all depressed, even though saying she is in Love and is “Happy”. A perfect example of an abusive relationship.
Modern Twist:
While here Lydia does enter into a relation with Wickham, instead of Darcy paying for her marriage, we see Darcy buying of the rights to a sex video Wickham makes of Lydia.
Here, Lydia, though traumatized by this, takes counselling and separates from Wickham.
Jane Bennet:
The Sweet, Perfect Elder Sister of the Bennet Household. Just like the book, Jane sees good in Everyone.
Also, as Bing Lee Leaves her without telling her to LA, she follows him too. But, she discovers herself there. Learns a few things about life and settles in LA and even though, still in Love, believes that one can live happily alone and does not need the other person to complete you.
 Modern Adaptation:
Once, Bing Lee Comes back to her, she DOES NOT accept him. She says she wants to be just friends as she cannot trust him anymore! 🙂
When she gets a Job in New York, she tells Bing to his face that even though she loves him, she is NOT going to let him come in way of her career. Also, when Bing says he will accompany HER to New York, she says Yes, only after she is sure he knows he has hurt her and he still needs to get her trust back.  Such a refreshing change from the book-Jane. I like Jane standing up for her self.
LOVED the Series!! Hope you like it too!
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The Lone Kite

I see around me,

On terraces filled with people,

Songs so loud, you cannot separate one from other,

Eating chikkis and laddus,

Flying colourful kites.

And here I am,

On my terrace,

Quite alone,

With my thoughts

and music on my headphones,

But quite proud,

Of my lone kite,

Which managed to go up above the rest,

Against all odds,

Without being cut!

Why am I alone, you ask?

It all started when I was quite young.

Too young to know the term “Sexism” but not so young to not feel its ugly presence.

It is a family’s tradition, that all go to a relative’s place to fly kites. Once upon a time, I used to go too.

The uncles and brothers used to be on the terrace, flying kites, listening to latest Bollywood songs, shouting and merrymaking.

The women and the ‘Good’ sisters, would be in the kitchen preparing lunch and snacks. Once done, they would join everyone on terrace, hold firkis and thread the kites, so that others can fly it.

Not being interested in kitchen activities on a festive day, I would accompany dad and brother up on the terrace since morning.

When I expressed that I wanted to learn how to fly kites and not merely be standing behind holding firkis, I would be given a kite to hold for some time, and then it was back to holding firkis. I was told I was still “Too young” to learn.

I accepted this till I was around 12, until I saw brother being taught to fly a kite, with gusto and animation!

Brother, who at 9 was old enough to fly kites and I, at 12, was expected to hold a firki and stand behind.

That’s when it became all clear. I was a girl. And as a girl, I was to stand at the back, and support the guys.


At that age, I remember telling them “Enough is ENOUGH. I will learn how to fly kites ON MY OWN. I WILL NEVER EVER be standing behind. I will be on front, flying kites and enjoying myself.”

People laughed, called me immature, blowing up “small issues” etc etc.

But, from the age of 13, while my family went to relative’s place, I took my kites, went up on terrace and taught myself to fly a kite.

So each time, I manage to send my kite high up, each time I manage to save my kite from being cut, each time I cut other’s kites, I get a sense of peace.

I feel happy, here on my terrace, flying my lone kite, kicking sexism’s butt in my own small way!

Happy Uttrayan Everyone!


New Year Resolutions!!

Happy New Year Folks!!

I know it’s a bit late, but better late than never, right?

I am a kind of person who is crazy about the new things and resolve to change every time, new books (I SWEAR to not let reading this book interfere with life), new pens (I SWEAR i will not lose this one), new gizmos ( I will try not to break it) and a Lot more.

Sometimes these get fulfilled, sometimes they do not.

So, here is what I resolve for this new year:

1) Write more blogs: I know I do not have a blogging schedule, but this year, I plan to be more active here. When I started blogging, it was just an outlet for thoughts that were considered “too out-of-place” and ” different” for people around me. It was here that I realised that these were not one of a kind weird thoughts, but genuine concerns that are faced by many and gave me the confidence to speak up.I thank each person who viewed by blog, followed it or criticized it, you helped me grow. And this year, I plan to do it even more seriously.

2) Read more books and paint more: When I was in school, I was one of those who never spoke much. It was only when I left home and went to college and was forced to speak on stage that I discovered I was a good speaker. And strangely, to this day, I have no problem speaking in front of thousands of people,but have trouble speaking to one strange person.Weird, i know. But anyway, during school I was happiest when I was either reading or painting. But this decreased as life took over.This year, I plan to indulge myself again!

3) Be Patient: I want everything to be done here and now. I will consciously try to be more patient.

4) Decrease procrastination: Like seriously, this needs to be checked :/

5) Not compromise my standards: As you all know, sundry aunts have made it their life’s mission to get me married to the next guy on the road. Especially as I turned 25 last month, not one day has passed when grand mother has not called  someone to say how she expects me to get married “SOON”, or random relatives I do not even know comment to my parents how they are so looking forward to my marriage. I resolve, that no matter how much pressure society puts on me, I will not compromise my standards. I will not settle for someone any less than I deserve just because it is a “right” age to get married, according to the society.

Well,that’s just all that I plan to do, not much, eh?

Anyway, did you make any resolutions? Let me know what they are in the comments section,I would love to know about them!