I believe Karva Chauth SHOULD be observed by ALL women extremely religiously and with full faith.

Wait..What did you say? You are above 20 and not yet married? How could you be so selfish? Do you know the amount of stress you give to your neighbour’s grandmas’ aunt’s dog on daily basis? And did you even consider the feelings of that old woman who lives two blocks away who had gone to states for a few years and when she came back the FIRST thing she asked was had you gotten married yet? SERIOUSLY..such inconsiderate person you are. You should have just found a guy for yourself in college (Of your same sub-sub-sub-sub caste, naturally, how can you like someone who is not one of us?) but as you failed to do so, you might as well lower your standards and spare the millions of aunties the daily pressure of your marriage. I am sure you did not fast properly as a child to get a God-like husband..huh ( I STILL maintain that I have NO IDEA where those parathas disappeared, aunty…what? It is NOT ketchup on my lips, its blood,,i got hurt..excuse me while I go wash it away) Afterall, did not you hear? An unmarried girl is a burden on her parents. What? Your parents do not consider you a burden? Well so what? That does NOT matter, as long as the SOCIETY THINKS you are a burden on your parents,  you are a burden on your parents, your parents opinion does not count. 

If you ARE fortunate enough to have married at the RIGHT age, CONGRATULATIONS!! You JUST earned yourself a right to be respected in this society! I am sure the amount of Dowry paid and the gifts that your parents continuously send your in-laws are TOTALLY worth that respect! Now go on, give them a MALE heir to support the respect. If unfortunately you (YES ONLY YOU because the science of the X Y chromosome is STUPID and you are the only person responsible for the kids that are born) are at fault and give birth to a girl, make sure you make up to their hurt feelings and repair the damage to their izzat by giving birth to a SON as soon as POSSIBLE. If you do not have a child after a few years, SERIOUSLY, why did you even get married to their Son? The amount of inconvenience you put them through, you should be throughly ashamed of yourself and they rightfully take away that respect they gave you on your marriage, you worthless girl.

Now that you got married and gave them a Son, EXCELLENT! You are well on your way to be a respected for the rest of your life! Kudos to you! You have managed to fulfill the MAIN reasons that you were put on this earth!

Still Why should you fast entire day for your husband’s life? The answer is quite simple really. The respect that you earned after marriage would be taken away if your husband dies! Because obviously it would be your fault if he dies. If he does die, you not only loose the respect, but you are also labeled as bad luck and you would be expected to leave all things that give you happiness, all colours and spend your eternity away from the society. That friend’s daughter’s marriage? Well you will not be invited as your husband died, if you go, her husband might die as well. I don’t believe I have to explain such utterly simple logic to you!

So, Girls, I say FAST, fast with every thing you have for the only way that this society lets you live with respect is if your husband is alive,

So babe, you got two options in front of you…either fast to all the Gods you know for your husband’s long life or GET UP, SPEAK UP AND STOP THIS SOCIETY MAKING STUPID RULES AND MAKING IT DIFFICULT FOR WOMEN TO LIVE.

Of course the first option is extremely easy, the second extremely difficult. The choice is yours girl.

Just keep this in mind:

“We must all make a choice between what is right and what is easy….it is our choices that determine who we really are, far more than our abilities”