By Scooby Labrador


As it is some kind of holiday, I got my bath today (YAAY!!!) and then instead of usual breakfast I had EGGS!! I LOVE EGGS!!

And now as I lie on MY bed (YES IT IS MINE, If anyone else wants to use the bed they can adjust themselves around me, I am quite adjusting that way, you see)..

Anyway, I asked Dhwani what she does with this stupid black box all day?

She said that we can tell stories and events here and people read them! So I thought which would be more entertaining story than mine?

Here goes: My name is Scooby. I was born on 28th March 2012. The two-legged people look at me and tell me I am a “Yellow Labrador” God knows what that means, but I think it is a very important fact as every new human I meet state this fact.

Humans are such strange, feeble creatures..My mom told me these humans think they are very strong and intelligent, I laugh every time I hear that.. If we dogs could converse in human language, we would be able to get a few points straight with them! But more about that in the later posts…

I LOVE to have fun…so I wake up with the sun (sometimes even before sun) and wake up my two-legged best friend (Dhwani) all ready to start my day, but she is almost always looking at me and saying not now, go away, it’s still DARK Scooby etc but I don’t let that bother me at all.. I keep on dancing and jumping and licking till she gets up! And when she does and says “GOOD MORNING SCOOBY”, I get soooooooo excited and happy that I do my happy dance and jump even more

Then Dhwani and I go for a walk where I get to sniff to my heart’s content! I also have a best friend Jacky, people say he is a 10-year-old Pomeranian. I always go to check on him but he always runs away from me, whenever he sees me coming, but still I just LOVE to go to his house everyday and look at him. I am sure, one of these days he too will want to play with me, and I don’t want to miss that day.

After walk, I have my breakfast (Yummmmmmmmm)…oops there is a small puddle of drool formed below my tongue even while I write this..I LOVE to eat! If only I could eat and eat and eat the whole day, I would be the happiest dog on earth. Hang on, I already am happiest dog on earth but if my eating wish came true, I would be happiestestest…est dog on Earth!

Other than that, some really funny looking two-legged man (Dhwani calls him “Doctor”) comes to our house some time and sticks funny tasting rocks and liquids in my mouth and inserts pins in my behind, but then he gives me a big kiss and a puppy treat and I again become happy! He says he does this so that I do not get sick, but I really do not believe him.


I am sleepy now, will let you know about my life later..