Mrs. K was watching a TV show few days back. I don’t remember the name of the show or the channel as frankly I find it difficult to separate one from the other..All look the same regressive shit to me.

Anyway in this serial, a young newly married girl says that she does not like doing housework, so the angelic mom-in-law gives her a big dose of gyaan saying how selfish she was being, and how she should be mature and come to ‘help’ her bhabhi when she works! This girl says yes as she is emotionally blackmailed but then makes one excuse after other for not working and everyone in her family, including her husband, gets mad at her for not caring about others!

Why is it expected of a girl to be interested in household work? When she has the same education as a guy, same ability, why still she is emotionally blackmailed in all this shit? If she does not like it, than she does not like it, no amount of blackmail will make her like it.

If a girl does not want to do stuff around the house then cant everyone else be mature and find a compromise in a way that EVERYONE in the house does one or two chores? That should be an ideal thing. If you live in it, you work for it, it’s as simple as that.

What was strange that the girl was portrayed in a bad light for not ‘helping’ out, but the husband of hers who as far as I saw lazed around the house was not expected to even raise a finger!

Mrs. K said:” Girls there days! They just don’t have it in them to sacrifice anymore..It is very sad.”

When I asked her why only girls had to sacrifice and not guys?

I was told that this attitude is a hindrance in finding ‘good’ guys.

If marrying a ‘good’ guy means I have to sacrifice my life as I know it, than I am better off without him, I say!

No girl should have to be made to sacrifice her likes and dislikes for the sake of others, that’s what I say.

And seriously, Its becoming extremely hard to watch Indian Television without feeling strong urges to go in and give HARD SLAPS to every stupid character.

I would like to thank Star World, Zee Cafe, CBS, HBO and Star movies for giving people like me a chance to watch something other than shit.  Thank you!

And to Star Plus, Zee TV, Sony and Colours, I would live to remind them this is 21st century, STOP showing content from 1st century. People have evolved after that.