Sandcastle: Movie Review


Sandcastle (2012) - Movie Review

Director: Shomshuklla Das

Cast: Shahana ChatterjeeUditvanu DasMalvika JethwaniRajat

Introduction: The story of Sandcastle is every woman’s journey, from moth to butterfly, to reach out and find their inner voice. The story of a rebel, breaking out of the cocoon of societal pressure and finding her place in society.


My Review: Sandcastle has an interesting story line. It is about a housewife who wants more from her life. It is about the struggle a woman has to go through in India, if she wants to have any kind of career. The traditional expectations on her is so great that she can’t even go to an even which is important for her career because her husband is not free while being called “feminist” for saying she does not want to attend a boring corporate affair at her husband’s office!

Sandcastle questions a lot of boundaries that are forced upon women in India.

The dialogue delivery was great, but most part of the movie had a very “Documentary” feel to it and the cinematography seemed a little on the unprofessional side.

It will definitely not be a part of 100-crore club, but if you have an inclination for good cinema, you should watch it.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5



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