If some advertisements are to be believed, if I apply some creams I will be instantly fair.

Being instantly fair apparently also means I will get success in life and get confidence!!


What a wonderful nation we are, telling girls and guys that only those who have white skin deserve everything good in life…racist much?

Apparently SRK says he got his success not because of his acting skills but because of a cream that he applied daily. Maybe he was associated with the early R&D with the company as the product was not even launched when he started his career..I dont know! But it does not stop him from telling a young man, in one advertisement, that if he wants success in life, he MUST apply a certain fairness cream.

If only it were that simple.

Who decided that those who do not have white skin are the only ones who can be confident enough to be in professions of glamour?

Watch this link to a documentary on how Indians discriminate against themselves based on color.

Ever heard of Imaan?

THE Supermodel?

THE Entrepreneur?

THE one person who has modeled for almost EVERY designer who has a name?

Look at her photo:

Is she ‘Fair’? NO

Does she have confidence?  Hell Ya!

Is she successful? She is THE face that is seen across the world, so YEA, she is.

Is she in the business of Glamour?  Yup

Are fairness creams preaching b******t and racism? YUP

So, Dear Fairness creams, STOP preaching people that their worth is based ONLY on skin color.