What Is Feminism?

What about a little girl whose favorite color is Blue? Where will she find stuff for her in the sea of pink?

What about a guy who likes pink? Is it wrong? Why?

Why toys section for girls consist of teddies and dolls and guys section consists of robots and cars? After this why do we still wonder why less number of girls take up mechanical engineering?

Why cant a person marry whom he/she wants to marry? Why she/he has to listen to elders? Why elders can never be wrong?

Why caste-ism/racism exists? If you believe in God, why do you think he will make you superior to others? Why do you think he likes you more than his other kids? If you do not believe in god, could you please explain why you think humans who have same scientific evolution be different?

Why men cooking is called  “Culinary Art” and women cooking  is called, well….cooking?

Why men are never expected to help around the house and kids? Who decided it was a woman’s job? Who gave him the power to decide?

Why are guy’s parents given power over a  girl’s parents? Why the guy’s parents get to decide what their son’s wife can or cannot wear/talk/go/eat/sleep etc but if the girl’s parents expect their son-in-law to change that is unthinkable?

Why a girl has to leave her family, her name, her friends and wear sindoor and mangalsutras? Why even after marriage a guy’s like is same as before?

When the answer to all these and many more questions are not logical, you know there is a need for feminism.


6 thoughts on “What Is Feminism?”

  1. uhuuuuu…do u know a thing…In Brazil isnt different…some men will to think n say like indian men…
    I was like a object…treated me like a object (you are mine)…who are mine…no one is to no one…i am myself …thats


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