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Girls These Days!

Mrs. K was watching a TV show few days back. I don’t remember the name of the show or the channel as frankly I find it difficult to separate one from the other..All look the same regressive shit to me.

Anyway in this serial, a young newly married girl says that she does not like doing housework, so the angelic mom-in-law gives her a big dose of gyaan saying how selfish she was being, and how she should be mature and come to ‘help’ her bhabhi when she works! This girl says yes as she is emotionally blackmailed but then makes one excuse after other for not working and everyone in her family, including her husband, gets mad at her for not caring about others!

Why is it expected of a girl to be interested in household work? When she has the same education as a guy, same ability, why still she is emotionally blackmailed in all this shit? If she does not like it, than she does not like it, no amount of blackmail will make her like it.

If a girl does not want to do stuff around the house then cant everyone else be mature and find a compromise in a way that EVERYONE in the house does one or two chores? That should be an ideal thing. If you live in it, you work for it, it’s as simple as that.

What was strange that the girl was portrayed in a bad light for not ‘helping’ out, but the husband of hers who as far as I saw lazed around the house was not expected to even raise a finger!

Mrs. K said:” Girls there days! They just don’t have it in them to sacrifice anymore..It is very sad.”

When I asked her why only girls had to sacrifice and not guys?

I was told that this attitude is a hindrance in finding ‘good’ guys.

If marrying a ‘good’ guy means I have to sacrifice my life as I know it, than I am better off without him, I say!

No girl should have to be made to sacrifice her likes and dislikes for the sake of others, that’s what I say.

And seriously, Its becoming extremely hard to watch Indian Television without feeling strong urges to go in and give HARD SLAPS to every stupid character.

I would like to thank Star World, Zee Cafe, CBS, HBO and Star movies for giving people like me a chance to watch something other than shit.  Thank you!

And to Star Plus, Zee TV, Sony and Colours, I would live to remind them this is 21st century, STOP showing content from 1st century. People have evolved after that.



Sandcastle: Movie Review


Sandcastle (2012) - Movie Review

Director: Shomshuklla Das

Cast: Shahana ChatterjeeUditvanu DasMalvika JethwaniRajat

Introduction: The story of Sandcastle is every woman’s journey, from moth to butterfly, to reach out and find their inner voice. The story of a rebel, breaking out of the cocoon of societal pressure and finding her place in society.


My Review: Sandcastle has an interesting story line. It is about a housewife who wants more from her life. It is about the struggle a woman has to go through in India, if she wants to have any kind of career. The traditional expectations on her is so great that she can’t even go to an even which is important for her career because her husband is not free while being called “feminist” for saying she does not want to attend a boring corporate affair at her husband’s office!

Sandcastle questions a lot of boundaries that are forced upon women in India.

The dialogue delivery was great, but most part of the movie had a very “Documentary” feel to it and the cinematography seemed a little on the unprofessional side.

It will definitely not be a part of 100-crore club, but if you have an inclination for good cinema, you should watch it.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5



Potrayal of Women of Harry Potter: PART TWO

Harry Potter, you love him or you don’t (you, filthy muggle, you..:/), you JUST can’t Ignore him!

Which is why they are making a SECOND movie series. JKR is collaborating with warner brothers for it!! Is it possible to start waiting for a movie BEFORE it is even scripted? I GUESS SO!! This would be the FIRST harry potter movie I would KNOW nothing about!!

You think I am crazy? Well, that’s what SIX YEARS without a new HARRY POTTER book does to a person, OK?

Anyways here is a part two of the previous post that I had made. If you have not read it, do so here! Go read that while I wait here.

Alrighty you done? Let’s start shall we?

*rubbing hands” let’s start with some food for thought!

Harry Potter


I am sweet and funny like Lily Potter

Unlike the majority of Muggleborn witches and wizards, Lily was young when she learned that she had magical powers, and what exactly it was that it meant for her life. Close to her older sister, Petunia, and one of the neighborhood children, Severus Snape, meant that Lily rarely went without the friendship of one of the children and even rarer without the support of her family with whatever it was she choose. It wasn’t uncommon for Lily to spend time with her parents, even when she began Hogwarts, and it was even more common for her to be considered one of the most driven and friendly Gryffindor students when she started Hogwarts.

Despite the fact that she was defined as friendly, it was the fact that she was driven that earned her the position of Prefect and later Head Girl, despite the growing tensions between the Houses due to Blood Status. In this process, however, Lily found herself without her best friend, Severus, after a particularly brutal argument between the two that ended with him calling her a Mudblood. Sometime in her NEWT year, however, she began to date fellow Head, James Potter, despite her initial reservations and eventually followed him to join the Order of the Phoenix in an attempt to fight against the Death Eaters that were beginning to overpower the Wizarding World.

Lilly, of all people, understood the power of LOVE.

She knew that there is one thing that is powerful and stronger than any magic on earth and that is love.

She was a fighter. She was a member of the first order and it was her thinking of protecting Harry that brought about the near-end of Voldemort.

She was NOT afraid of doing what is right even when she knew that would mean death.

She did not let motherhood change her ideals.

I am protective and nurturing like Molly Weasley

Molly Weasley, in particular, doesn’t fit the standard profile for feminist heroines. In fact, when we first meet her, she fits the standard profile for the strict, henpecking wife who cooks very well but is prone to yelling at a very high volume whenever her sons or husband upset her (which happens rather often).

But at the very end of the series, we discover that Molly Weasley knows how to fight, and when the time comes to defend her family, she will do it. She will go head to head with Voldemort’s most vicious deputy, and she will win. She might even curse as she does it: Rowling only wrote a handful of curse words in the entire series, but she put one of them in Molly’s mouth. When Molly Weasley rushes headlong into a battle to defend Ginny, crying, “Not my daughter, you bitch!” This moment is arguably one of the highlights of the seventh book and after reading it, one has the sneaking suspicion that Arthur Weasley wasn’t really henpecked all those years. He just knew something that we didn’t: his short, plump, kindly wife is actually a fierce warrior who is deadly with a wand.

Also, can we put on record thaat she is THE ONLY person who can make Fred and George tremble?

I am elegant and poised like Narcissa Malfoy

Harry was saved by a mother’s love, more than ONCE. It was Narcissa’s motherly love which saved harry.

A strong woman, married to, perhaps not the best man, who stood by him despite his fallen standing within their social circle, defending him fiercely (even against her own sister, an insane mass-murderer).
An incredible mother, literally doing anything for her son, including making an Unbreakable Vow and even lying to the Dark Lord, allowing Harry Potter to go on living, in order to protect her child.

If that isn’t the definition of strength, I’ve no idea what else could be.

As if this is not all, Narcissa was the youngest of three girls who by nature were already a mild disappointment for not being boys. As the youngest, Narcissa was her parent’s last hope for a boy to continue their prestigious family name. Still, she was brought up a pure-blooded princess. Every day it was drilled into her head that being Pure Blooded was THE most important thing in the world, and those who were half-bloods or mudbloods were so beneath you to even qualify as magic. They are stupid, insignificant, lesser.

And then, things start going wrong. Sirius is sorted into Gryffindor. Andromeda runs away with a muggleborn. Sirius abandons his family to live with the Potters. Bellatrix marries a man she does not care for and intends to have no children with. Regulus dies.

The Black family line, the pure blood that she held MOST DEAR in the whole world, is her responsibility now. hers alone.

She manages to ACTUALLY FALL IN LOVE WITH her husband and bear a son. She does it. She succeeds. She successfully carries on her bloodline, in the form of Draco.

And what’s so incredible about JK’s writing is that she cares a lot about the power of motherhood and motherly love – and you can see it in Narcissa, Narcissa who’s been raised to think blood purity is the most important thing in the world, who is following a man (Voldemort) who is the physical embodiment of that ideal –

She betrays him for her son. She puts her own life and her own ideals and her entire moral (albeit racist) framework on the line because the most important thing in the world is no longer the sanctity of her blood. It’s her son.

When she realised her belief system was hurting her son, she did everything in her power to save him from what were once, HER OWN BELIEFS.

I am strong and crazy like Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix is incredibly powerful, and appears proficient in many magical branches, foremost the Dark Arts. She never hesitates to use the Unforgivable Curses, seeing them as being the most powerful. Albus Dumbledore characterizes her as “… dear Bellatrix, who likes to play with her food before she eats it.” This, along with how she abuses Neville Longbottom at the Department of Mysteries, clearly illustrates Bellatrix’s sadistic and amoral nature, as she willingly tortures, or even kills, her opponents. She is so single-minded in her aims that she counts family, such as her cousin Sirius Black, her niece, Nymphadora Tonks, and even her sister, Andromeda, among her enemies, and attempts to kill Tonks and Sirius, succeeding in Sirius’ case. She is obsessively devoted to and in love with Voldemort, putting him above anything else, including her family; this obsession consumes everything in her life. Bellatrix’s evil nature borders on total insanity, causing her to act rashly and fervently. In the Department of Mysteries, it is noted that the other Death Eaters present seem disturbed by Bellatrix’ intensity, and, at one point, Lucius Malfoy must restrain her.

She is the crazy insane in-love woman who can be a lioness to protect her man (Or the man she loves as she was married to another)

but most of all, I love like Nymphadora Tonks

How many people can give birth and then immediately go to war?

Nymphadora(she will end you if you call her that to her face) Tonks was introduced into the Harry Potter universe in OotP. She was portrayed as being a “bubbly, friendly, and clumsy Auror”, who also happened to be a metamorphmagus and the youngest member of the Order at that particular time. During OoTP, it is revealed that while she may be sitting in the grown up’s section when the Order meetings are happening and developing both personal(Molly, Remus, Sirius) and professional(the rest of the Order) relationships, she’s still is still in touch with her inner adolescent and strikes up a friendship with both Ginny and Hermione, who look up to her as their cool older “sister”. It is also revealed that Tonks is Mad Eye Moody’s protégé, and has a very openly affectionate relationship with her mentor and even going as far as being the only one able to openly tease him. Overall, in OotP, she’s still a young woman who has been untouched by the emotional impact of war and terrorism, unlike many of the older Order members, like Sirius and Remus. It isn’t until her duel with Bellatrix and the death of Sirius that the reality of war really hits close to home for her.  Even though she was seemingly young, mischievous, and still looking like a rebellious teenager, she still was able to be fully professional and serious about stopping Voldemort and his Death Eater terrorists.

All of this being said, from here on out it is very important to carefully examine Tonks and the circumstances behind her depression.  The real change in Tonks as a character starts in HBP when Harry sees Tonks’ more bleak appearance and ill physical appearance during his arrival to the Burrow with Dumbledore. This physical manifestation of her not-so-well feelings is a constant theme throughout HBP up until Dumbledore’s funeral. This might be because of her work as an Auror where she is constantly in touch with death and dememtors.

Secondly, a lot of people ignore Tonk’s familial relation to the Blacks (and what that entails for her) and underestimate Tonks survivor’s guilt over Sirius’ death.  much in the same way that Harry did post-Department of Mysteries battle. Sirius was the only reasonable family member on the Black side, besides her mother Andromeda, who shared common ideals with her and accepted her. Her depression during HBP was highly reminiscent to Sirius’ depression in OoTP.

Thirdly, Tonks’ depression was related to her feelings towards Remus. It is perfectly valid for her to have been worried about Remus, especially when he was putting his life at risk spying on the werewolves, especially Fenrir Greyback, who is the werewolf that bit Remus and who has a reputation of being incredibly vicious and brutal. In addition, Tonks also is faced with a fight against Remus’ low self concept and self-loathing that is the result of having faced discrimination and bigotry based on a condition beyond his control. This conflict between Tonks’ perception of Remus versus his own perception of himself is evident in their confrontation(and consequent canonization moment) in the hospital wing after Dumbledore’s death.

The miraculous return of her pink hair by the time Dumbledore’s funeral comes around, to signify that her and Remus have worked through at least some of his issues and he’s accepted the fact that Tonks really does love him, societal opinions be damned. The moment when Remus and Tonks were shown together, with her metamorphmagus powers back.

In addition, with Remus there with her, they could lean on each other for emotional support and develop coping strategies that can help them deal with the emotional stress of war resulting from both Tonks’ job and Remus’ ordeal with the werewolves.

From the brief exchange between Tonks and Harry, where she tells him about her marriage to Remus, it’s so abundantly clear that she’s happy to be with the one she loves. However, the unexpected surprise pregnancy from Tonks brought those demons back. With Remus leaving Tonks, during his argument with Harry at Grimmauld Place, it’s evident that his perception of Tonks’ happiness with their marriage (and pregnancy) does not match the image before during Tonks’ exchange with Harry.

During the entirety of the HP series, Tonks has been shown to be a woman of action,  If anything, the unexpected pregnancy, as happy as she may have been about it, must have frustrated her to no end, since it meant that she had to sit out of most of the Order-related action. Finally, once the Battle of Hogwarts happened, and Tonks went to battle, instead of staying with Teddy.

Tonks had studied and trained for such a battle and felt it was her duty as both an Auror and an Order member to be there on the front-lines and fight. Plus, she was looking at the bigger picture here: if she could help make a better world for her son to grow up in, then if she died, as much as she may have wanted to stay with her son, such a sacrifice may have been worth it to her.

Tonks was someone who was mature, but still capable of having fun. During her depression in HBP, she didn’t sit around and mope a la Bella Swan, she got up every day and got shit done as an Auror. She also tried to help the man she loved by trying to show him that what he thought was true about himself was just a load of societal nonsense. Overall, Tonks was a badass woman who shouldn’t be looked down upon just because she dared to show just how things in her life(the war, her love of Remus, survivors guilt, etc) were affecting her. She is one of the many, valid representations of feminist characters that the HP universe has to offer, and just because she behaved in a way that made her seem like a non-feminist character, that doesn’t reflect her overall character.

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The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling: Book Review

If you are a potter head and pick up the book with something like this going on in your head:

Goodreads | Photos of The Casual Vacancy Book Club - photo 585191


Let us start this review by what this book is NOT

1) It is NOT Harry Potter or anything related to magic.

2) It is NOT  murder mystery even though it starts like one.

Now that this is clear, let us start with the review, shall we?

The Casual Vacancy - J.K. Rowling

A Big Story About A  Small Town

When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the small town of Pagford is left in shock.

Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty facade is a town at war.

Rich at war with poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils … Pagford is not what it first seems.

And the empty seat left by Barry on the parish council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen. Who will triumph in an election fraught with passion, duplicity and unexpected revelations?

The complexities that Rowling has given to each person who lives in Pagford and fields, somehow makes it very real.

The best thing bout this book is there are no heroes or villains, no good people and bad people, just normal people trying to do what they feel is right for them.

Besides this, this is the first book that I have come across by a foreign author, who has Indian characters in the book, characters that are “Indian” having inherent “Indian” qualities that one can relate to.

Quotable Quote of this book:

“It was strange how your brain could know what your heart refused to accept.”

All in all a great read (Especially towards the end)!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5



Why I Can’t Get Married by Superwoman (Part 1 and 2)

This is a hilarious videos that I found of youtube.

Check them out!!

And if you liked this, check out what happens when a guy comes to see her:



Portrayal Of Women In Harry Potter: Part 1

Rarely you come across a book with a male protagonist having strong female characters. Normally you have a female whose ONLY motive in life is to be romantically involved with a male character or to support and compromise for the male characters.

The major decisions are taken by the male characters and it just affects the female characters, rarely we see a female character making strong story- changing decisions.

Not So in Rowling’s World!

JKR proudly calls herself a feminist and explains her world in these lines:

“What’s interesting about the wizarding world is when you take physical strength out of the equation, a woman can fight just the same as a man can fight, a woman can do magic just as well as a man can do magic.”

I am loyal and smart like Hermione Granger

Normally in order to be accepted by male community we often see women dumb-ing themselves down in order to get their acceptance. A smart girl is always a plain, glasses clad person who interests nobody.

Hermoine is the nerd of the trio. She NEVER apologizes for being smart. She NEVER apologizes for loving books, even when she is teased mercilessly for being know-it-all.

She is smart, she knows her brains are her strongest point and she is not interested in any guy who cannot accept her for who she is.

She is the antithesis of all heroines ever written. She does not end up with the hero.

She prefers Arithmetic to Divination and is quite vocal about it. Normally it is always shown girls to be weak in logical subjects and excel in well..subjects without logic.

She is a bad-ass…even with her prim and proper persona. She punches Malfoy for being an ass. She takes no shit from anyone, she speaks her mind. She even manages to trap an unethical journalist in a jar, I mean  how cool is that?

Traditionally if a female character is given traits of aggressiveness or rebelliousness, they are often portrayed as Tom-boys, Hermoine clearly is not one.

She is Emotional, She is Logical, She is unapologetic, this kind of a woman is rarely seen.

Best of all, Hermione is a true feminist. At first glance, Hermione appears to stick strictly to the rules. However, the truth is Hermione is constantly challenging the system and pushing others to consider the deep-seeded inequality faced by the non-privileged members of the wizarding world. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Hermione comes up with the idea to start a clandestine student resistance movement called Dumbledore’s Army. In Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, when Hermione learns of the existence of enslaved house elves, not only does she call out her best friend for defending their enslavement, she establishes a student organization dedicated to demanding freedom and fair pay for house elves. The movement isn’t popular, but hey –- Hermione isn’t afraid of people judging her.

If I ever have a daughter, I am glad there is one proper character who can be a role model in true sense.

I am sexy and fierce like Fleur Delacour

Fleur Delacour is somebody who is constantly underestimated by people because of her looks.Traditionally such girls are the delicate ones who only play with the men’s hearts and usually dumb.Fleur kicks such stereotypes by being the only girl chosen by the Goblet.Thus proving she is better and stronger.She fights along with the male contestants and gives them a fight like an equal.

Fleur is gorgeous- and she knows it.

She does not hide her opinions nor she accepts authority just because it is there. She laughs at Dumbledore during his speech before the tournament not caring if people thought her disrespectful.

She cares about people. She looks past their appearances. Even when she knows Molly and Ginny do not like her, she does not change being who she is to gain their approval. She DEMANDS respect and tells point blank on people’s faces if they are being close minded.

She shows that a girl who looks awesome and sexy does not mean she is weak and brainless.

I am stubborn and brave like Ginny Weasley

Ginny is one girl who never EVER lets anyone make a decision for her. Not her brothers nor harry.  She is described as a ‘forceful, independent girl who often knew her own mind’

She is not afraid of danger.

Ginny’s full name is Ginevra, and it is no coincidence that Rowling, who chose character names with great care, would choose this name for this witch. History’s most famous Ginevra is the Florentine aristocrat whose portrait by Leonardo da Vinci hangs in the National Portrait Gallery. In that portrait, allusions are made to Ginevra de’ Benci’s virtue and chastity, which makes it all the more deliciously ironic that Rowling would bestow the name on a serial dater who snogs her boyfriends all over the Hogwarts campus. Don’t get me wrong, one of the best things about Ginny is that she is totally unashamed of her sexuality. She dates a lot of boys, and when her brothers try to hint that she’s being a bit slutty – or as Ron would say, being “a scarlet woman” – she doesn’t put up with it for a minute. She makes it very clear that there is nothing wrong with what she’s doing, and that her private life is none of their business. And when she and Harry finally get together after years of silent crushing on her end and several months of angsty hesitation on his, it is Ginny who finally makes a move and kisses Harry.

I am creative and calm like Luna Lovegood

At school, Lovegood is ostracized and ridiculed because she’s so odd, but she has never felt the need to disguise her eccentricity in order to fit in.

She is a kind of person who just does not care what the world thinks of her! Honestly, how many people you know are like that?

She also has a habit of seeing only good in people. Even when people in question are ragging her.

She is one spunky girl who is brave enough to be different.

She knows people call her ‘loony’, she still refuses to change, even if it means she has no friends. She is happy.

She is wise, she is philosophical and she is spunky.

I am intuitive and wise like Minerva McGonagall

Professor McGonagall is one hell of a woman. She’s incredibly tough, courageous, intelligent and will always fight for what is right.

Exuding magnanimity and sternness, she was held in great respect by all students and staff.

She has a quick wit and a dry sense of humor, this coupled with presence of mind, makes her the best teacher at Hogwarts.

She is one of the few people who is not afraid to call Voldemort by his name.

Moments that particularly stand out to me are her many confrontations with Umbridge in Order of the Phoenix and how she is able to sensibly take charge after both Dumbledore’s death in Half-Blood Prince and Snape’s flight in Deathly Hallows (which, of course, happens after her duel with Snape – another brilliant McGonagall moment). These prove that Minerva McGonagall is a highly skilled woman who is more than capable of battle, whether it be a battle of wits or on in the midst of war.

I am not afraid to be different and loyal like Andromeda Tonks

Andromeda was born into the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black—also known as the Pureblood Family. It wasn’t so much that Andromeda was born into a Pureblood family as it is what kind of Pureblood family she was born into. As we know through the canon evidence given by Sirius himself, the Black family were so high on blood supremacists that they would willingly turn away their own flesh and blood if it meant potentially “tainting” the family line. There’s this sort of impression given, really, that Andromeda’s mother—Druella Black—was a rather haughty sort of figure. Indeed, both her younger and elder sisters (Narcissa and Bellatrix) grew into adults still upholding the narrow-minded set of beliefs that their parents had instilled into them as children. And if Narcissa and Bellatrix were raised to be blood supremacists and were products of ingrained racism themselves, then surely Andromeda would have been intended to be the same.

But she wasn’t. Andromeda was clearly able to escape this prejudiced vein of thinking that the rest of her family bought into. Out of a family of three daughters, she was the only one who dared to fight against what she’d been raised to think and believe.

With that being said, think of her husband. Realistically, she would have met him during her time at Hogwarts; it’s possible she might have fallen in love with him while attending school. And for her to so boldly speak up against her family’s tradition of marrying within strictly Pureblood families to run away and marry Ted Tonks…that takes a hell of a lot of nerve. It doesn’t matter whether she had a wonderful or terrible relationship with her family—it can be terrifying and nerve-racking for anyone to leave their family behind. Andromeda knew that marrying Ted would result in her being disowned; she knew that it would more than likely mean she wouldn’t be able to see or interact with her sisters and parents again. And she did it anyway. And for this, her face was blackened in the family tree in her wall.

It’s possible to regard the loss of her family as the first fatal blow that war and blood supremacy awarded Andromeda with, but that depends entirely on what sort of relationship she had shared with her sisters and parents pre-disownment. Either way, Andromeda was then forced to lose her husband during the war. The man she’d run away with and had built a life together with was dead, and she was left with a daughter, a son-in-law, and a grandson (who was, presumably, still on the way when Ted was killed). And as if becoming a widow wasn’t enough, she then lost her son-in-law in the war and her own daughter. Her daughter who was killed at the hands of her own sister.

So by the end of the war, Andromeda has no one but Teddy. She may have members of the Order who come around and help, sure, but her family is gone. The sister who murdered her child is deceased, her parents are long since gone, and the one remaining sister she has left supposedly hasn’t interacted with her in decades. Andromeda Tonks, an aging Witch who has been battered and tested by war, has nothing but her grandson left to remind her of the family she has built.

And that is heart-breaking. Andromeda seems like such a strong, fascinating character, and if you don’t think she’s boss as hell for being able to escape the chains of racism in her family and live for herself, then I don’t know what to tell you.

This is end of Part 1, more characters to follow in part 2!!

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Sudh Desi Romance: Movie Review

Director: Maneesh Sharma

Writer: Jaideep Sahni

Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Rishi Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput, Vaani Kapoor

Introduction: India, as a country believes that marriage is a solution to all problems. The movie questions this premises.

Premise: A commitment-phobic couple meet and go through various situations wherein society expects them to get married but their phobia causes them to run.


Raghu Ram (Sushant Singh Rajput) is a tourist guide in Jaipur, who also doubles up as rental baraati for Goyal (Rishi Kapoor), a wedding planner. Raghu is suffering from pre-marital jitters. On his way to his wedding venue, Raghu meets Gayatri (Parineeti Chopra), an open-minded, free willed, independent woman who lives life on her own terms. An already confused Raghu, heavily impressed by her freedom, gathers the guts to run away from his own wedding.

A fortnight later, the two meet and begin dating. Entering into a live-in-relationship, Mr.Gupta (Tarun Vyas) is typical Desi Neighbor of Gayatri, catches raghu with gayatri and later creates some issues in Raghu’s mind, but the two decide to get married. On the day of the wedding, Gayatri runs out on him, and Raghu is left inconsolably confused.

Soon after, at a wedding, Raghu meets Tara (Vaani Kapoor), the woman he was going to tie the knot with, before he met Gayatri. She asks him out initially on a revenge trip but slowly their relationship turns serious. Just as he is about to ask her to marry him, Gayatri re-enters his life.



Acting: Parineeti and Sushant’s acting was great, Vaani Kapoor’s speech felt a little fake.

Quotable Quote: 

saara hindustan settlement karane pe laga hai… saatth saal se do padosi se settlement kara nahi paae bade chaudhary bante hain’

What I loved: The movie shows the importance of love not marriage in a relationship. It shows that girls need not be ‘good’ every time, they just need to be themselves.

Brownie Points: 4 out of 5

Feminism, Victim Blaming

Dark and Glamorous!

If some advertisements are to be believed, if I apply some creams I will be instantly fair.

Being instantly fair apparently also means I will get success in life and get confidence!!


What a wonderful nation we are, telling girls and guys that only those who have white skin deserve everything good in life…racist much?

Apparently SRK says he got his success not because of his acting skills but because of a cream that he applied daily. Maybe he was associated with the early R&D with the company as the product was not even launched when he started his career..I dont know! But it does not stop him from telling a young man, in one advertisement, that if he wants success in life, he MUST apply a certain fairness cream.

If only it were that simple.

Who decided that those who do not have white skin are the only ones who can be confident enough to be in professions of glamour?

Watch this link to a documentary on how Indians discriminate against themselves based on color.

Ever heard of Imaan?

THE Supermodel?

THE Entrepreneur?

THE one person who has modeled for almost EVERY designer who has a name?

Look at her photo:

Is she ‘Fair’? NO

Does she have confidence?  Hell Ya!

Is she successful? She is THE face that is seen across the world, so YEA, she is.

Is she in the business of Glamour?  Yup

Are fairness creams preaching b******t and racism? YUP

So, Dear Fairness creams, STOP preaching people that their worth is based ONLY on skin color.




What Is Feminism?

What about a little girl whose favorite color is Blue? Where will she find stuff for her in the sea of pink?

What about a guy who likes pink? Is it wrong? Why?

Why toys section for girls consist of teddies and dolls and guys section consists of robots and cars? After this why do we still wonder why less number of girls take up mechanical engineering?

Why cant a person marry whom he/she wants to marry? Why she/he has to listen to elders? Why elders can never be wrong?

Why caste-ism/racism exists? If you believe in God, why do you think he will make you superior to others? Why do you think he likes you more than his other kids? If you do not believe in god, could you please explain why you think humans who have same scientific evolution be different?

Why men cooking is called  “Culinary Art” and women cooking  is called, well….cooking?

Why men are never expected to help around the house and kids? Who decided it was a woman’s job? Who gave him the power to decide?

Why are guy’s parents given power over a  girl’s parents? Why the guy’s parents get to decide what their son’s wife can or cannot wear/talk/go/eat/sleep etc but if the girl’s parents expect their son-in-law to change that is unthinkable?

Why a girl has to leave her family, her name, her friends and wear sindoor and mangalsutras? Why even after marriage a guy’s like is same as before?

When the answer to all these and many more questions are not logical, you know there is a need for feminism.