Dirctor: Charles Binamé

Writer: Teena Booth

Cast: Emily OsmentKay PanabakerMeaghan Rath & Kelly Rowan

Introduction: Internet, we can’t live without, nor can we live with it!

Premise: This is a story about a girl who joins a popular social network and gets bullied by the entire school online.

Plot: ‘Cyberbully’ is a deep and exemplary film about the effects of cyber bullying. Taylor Hillridge joins a popular social network to talk to her crush. From here, her life goes downhill as people post fake rumors about her and then bully her about the same online as well as offline.


Acting: The depth that Emily Osment gave to her character would put many senior actors to shame.

Awesome moment: The cafeteria scene where Taylor finally confronts her abusers offline.

OOPS moment: When Taylor is dumped at the side of the road by Sammy, we see the license plate of her Jeep Cherokee. In a later shot, at the school, the girls pass by a Subaru Forester with the same plate as Sammy’s Jeep.

Quotable Quote: 

Don’t know unless you try. Don’t hide behind your fear.
Do what it takes to stand up for yourself, and for each other.
– Counselor

Brownie points: 5 out of 5.

Watch the full movie online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shnAPc3wYbA