This is the third part of the Shiva Trilogy by Amish.

I had read the first two books before this blog was born, but as and when I re-read them I will be posting their reviews too.

I absolutely LOVE this third installment.

In this book, Shiva is now in search of his destiny.

He is to decide if the Somras, which, till date was used by the people of Meluha to extend their lives by a hundred years, has now become evil.

Apparently research had shown that the waste from the manufacturing of somras was responsible for the formation of cancerous cells that plagued people from Bhangra. As Bhangra received water from Sarasvati after the waste had been dumped in it.

Also, less number of women in Meluha are becoming pregnant.

Those who did manage to become pregnant had high chances of delivering kids with deformities also known as “Nagas”

The Manufacturing of Somras was also responsible for huge wastage of water from River Sarasvati.

I absolutely loved the fact that women in these books are not put in for decoration or to “support” the hero, but to stand shoulder to shoulder and FIGHT. Such a characterization of women is rarely seen in the Indian Literary world.

(If you have not read the book, below paragraphs contain SPOILERS)

Even when Parvateshvar was leaving Shiva’s side as he thought that his place in the war would be on the opposite side, not once did he expect his wife to leave her ideals and be with him! Even when she DID join him, it was HER decision.

I adored Sati’s character. Unlike in the Mythological TV series where she is shown as a beautiful woman standing with Shiva, here is a lady with a mind and courage, who can fight. Even in her last moments, she won the respect of her misogynist opponent.

I wish there were more characters like her!

The book also slams women who ‘support’ their husbands due to the societal conditioning even when they feel the husbands are wrong. This is clearly shown in Veerini, Sati’s Mom, during the last part of the book, when she wishes she had spoken up against her husband the first time he made a stupid decision instead of following him.

Beautifully written. Expertly Crafted. A MUST read.

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