Weight Loss (novel)
Weight Loss (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a few books that set up extreme emotions in your soul. Weight loss is one such book. Right from its first page I could feel some emotions that grew stronger with each passing page, that of disgust and nausea.

Thankfully I did not waste money while buying the book (it was sent by Readers Digest), or it would have been the worst way possible to waste money.

The book, by its name and cover are far too misleading. It seems like a book written by an extremely disturbed kinky teenager who needs desperate help.

It is supposed to be ‘funny’ i guess, but it is so bizarre that I could not even manage a smile.

I do not personally mind reading adult themed books as long as it makes sense but this just looked like author needed an excuse to fill up pages between horrible adult scenes, the details of which were so graphic that it could easily resemble some badly made porn.

I could go till page 50 but that’s when my resistance gave out.

I thought of giving the book away to some library, but then did not want to torture some poor soul who would be deceived by the cover like me.

So, it was given to Scooby who delights in tearing all paper, wood, plastic given to him. He was delighted to receive such a heavy book and played with it for hours.

Which gave me some hours to myself without a giant yellow fur ball demanding to know what I was up to and why I was not playing with him.

That was the best part of this book 🙂

My rating: 0/1000000